the beginning of another blog: the future

13 Oct

listening to: the “awwww, schucks” album by the ugly suit

i’ve started many blogs in my time of frequenting the internet. when i first had a xanga in those dark pre-myspace days, i would document my life in a way that would hopefully attract certain emo-kids on the interweb that i desperately wanted to align myself with. then there was myspace, where i would write those “notes” in an omniscient tone with a hint of sarcasm. then came facebook where i began writing a blogspot where i would make comparisons between discrete phenomena and my life events as a way of coping with them. when i was a freshman and sophomore in college, my admissions department asked me to blog for them as well.

granted, my dad had me keep a journal since i was in second grade, so i’ve spent a good portion of my life writing about it. i’m not claiming to be any sort or profound author, but i’ve always viewed my actions in life with a lens best to recreate it in the written word. this has also led to me not writing in my journal until certain chapters of my life are done, so that i can write with little confusion about the future. i will sit and wait to write about, for example, being nervous about a test, until i have the grade back. that way i do not waste space being uncertain.

with this habit in mind, its easy to understand why i am in such a frustrating place in my life.

my life is opening up and offering so many opportunities at this point in my life. i’ve graduated university, i am about to finish my training for my job, and am moving from good ole georgia, my home of four months, to a new place in north carolina to lead. i can only fathom what is in store for me. will those i lead respect me? will i perform to the standard to which i’ve associated with myself? how harshly will i be judged by my superiors? will i go to bed at night feeling fulfilled with my actions of the day? will the next five years i owe to the army be joyous and enlightening or arduous and empty?

all that i want to do is be happy. i want to go to bed with a smile on my face. i know that i am surrounded by love by my family, friends, and especially my wonderful boyfriend. but for me, i need a little more than that. i want to be bolstered by the fact that my actions are worthwhile – and that i am making, if only a small difference, a difference.

i have been inspired by my cousin, elizabeth, who is following her heart and continuing her education in england in graduate school! my incredible friend christa works for a non-profit called 10×10 – educate girls, change the world, where she inspires me to be a healthy lady leader and role model in this world. my mother inspires me to be an independent woman – starting up her own business, a bakery right out of our basement. my aunt anne, a doctor teaching at UTSA. my aunt karen, an incredibly successful lawyer, has established and started up a diversity practice, focusing on getting women and minorities into the success spotlight.

there are so many examples of strong women in my life (and strong men as well, don’t worry, guys!), that all i want to do is take all of the motivation and propulsion behind me, and make something of it. i want to succeed in a historically men’s profession, not because i am a strong woman, but because i am a strong officer and person.

i always say to those in my life, that if i’m going to do something, i am going to aim to be the best at it, no matter what it is.
so hey, next five years of army time, be ready for me.


photo of today:
taken at my boss’s bbq (i am in the center)



2 Responses to “the beginning of another blog: the future”

  1. elockwood October 13, 2012 at 9:57 pm #

    annie! so exciting :) you have many great things ahead of you, and there is no reason to not face everyday with enthusiasm and joy. I can’t wait to read along with you as everything unfolds. love! <3

  2. Kimberly Cale October 13, 2012 at 6:51 pm #

    Awesome! You are a star blogger for sure. When strangers come up to you in one of those long gray hallways, and say hey! I know you! I read your blog before my son/daughter arrived at West Point. I felt honored to be standing behind you. I am and will always be your #1 fan! <3

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