the bees knees: growing up

14 Oct

listening to: the “reign of terror” album by the sleigh bells

today i joined some of my classmates for brunch at the most redeeming location in the greater augusta, ga area, the bees knees! so to begin, the bees knees is a tapas restaurant and lounge. but instead of serving classic spanish cuisine, they serve locally produced (many are vegan and vegetarian) dishes in a tapas style. i absolutely love this place. and have been to this place many times. in fact, the second time i came for dinner the weekend my parents were in town, our waitress remembered me from the one time i had been in before. a lovely brunch where i had blueberry hotcakes, turkey bacon, and homefries.

so the food was delicious. but this is not just a blog where i go on about my delicious culinary adventures, but also a small window into my mind.

lately i have come to the realization that i can no longer listen to people that i am not particularly close to recount times they were drunk, or talk about their alcohol consumption, or go on incredibly loudly about anything. making a scene was fun in middle school, not as an adult. at this time in my life i would like nothing more than to be able to go to a nice restaurant with my friends, or to a movie, or go to someone’s house and not worry about someone drawing attention to themselves or my group of people. i suppose there is a time and a place for everything, because i do love a night out as much as the next girl. but in our profession, we are always under the scrutiny of the public, and if we are acting like morons, that is directly reflected back to our profession.

with that in mind, maybe its good that west point made wine tastings mandatory, made all of the guys buy suits, made us suscribe to a strict civilian clothes dress code, and all of us attend etiquette classes.

because on the outside world, away from the gray walls, i feel comfortable in social situations, and know that i’m not jeopardizing my career or people’s opinions of me. i’d rather be respectable, than be considered a sloppy mess, even if i appear, on the surface, less “fun.”

those that know and love me know i am plenty fun, all other people can draw their own opinons.


One Response to “the bees knees: growing up”

  1. elockwood October 16, 2012 at 5:31 am #

    hahah i love this. “making a scene was fun in middle school. not as an adult.” you + me = same.

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