finding the right fit

15 Oct

listening to: the album “happy to you” by miike snow

there is a lot to say about finding the right fit. maybe to be more accurate, i have a lot to say about finding the right fit – in your social life, in your wardrobe selection, and in your actions.

for those of you who follow me on twitter, you’re aware that i very frequently tweet something along the lines of “if only i could dress the world.” this normally stems from me being appalled by someone’s outfit. but when i say that, i don’t mean that the brands or the season of the clothing – but because it just doesn’t fit. sizing makes or breaks an outfit. if something doesn’t fit you, chances are, you aren’t going to look very good in it. oprah has really fun magazine articles about buying the right clothes to fit your body, and it really makes a difference. so much that your prize features are enhanced and you walk with a new found confidence.

that being said, i will now try to take this superficial observation and turn it towards the real world.

i believe that a good deal of the awful awkwardness that i experienced in grades 7-10 (yes, it was never ending) was attributed by me trying to fit in in a crowd where i did not belong. it was hopeless, i bounced around, buying all of the labels that should have gained me access to these groups, and laughing at their  jokes, and ignoring my gut in order to be “cool.” in hindsight it has been painful to realize. in 9th grade girls would show up to the first day of school in their short shorts and abercrombie polos. all i wanted to do was look like them and be accepted! how lost i was! especially because of me still being incredibly uncomfortable in my body, i bought shorts that came with a rolled cuff, and i wore them to school unrolled to hide more of my lanky giraffe legs. i didn’t understand the concept of hair straightening, so i would brush out my curly hair which made it frizz out into oblivion – at this point i would give up and pull it tightly back into a pony tail. none of it fit.

in life we shouldn’t be asked to compromise our sense of self to fit in with any group. people shouldn’t feel pressured to laugh at anyone’s jokes. being cool comes from finding your own path, and surrounding yourself with others who broaden your horizons. if you spend your time with people who are carbon copies of your mantra, you will be stuck.

and no longer fit.


2 Responses to “finding the right fit”

  1. Kimberly Cale October 15, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    At times, with all of our moving, I find myself trying to fit. But not so much, any more. <3

    • anastasia!cale October 15, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

      and so did i! but follow your own path, because you’re incredible! <3

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