get(ting) lost

17 Oct

listening to: the “seven sisters” album by beta radio

when i was in university, i frequently thought i felt stressed out. all the assignments and due dates, my thesis, my demanding social life (??), passing the firstie APFT, uniform inspection, and wondering if my pass was approved. granted, west point is designed to be incredibly stressful to prepare us for real army life. but lately, my job here has just consumed me!

evidence? i found my first white hair! it was growing on my head. i promptly plucked it out and then relayed my horrible realization to my boyfriend. he assured me it was stress induced. a physical manifestation of my burden. today, i had text conversations with 22 different people on my phone. 22! i’m not that cool! i pull out my phone in anxiety now when i have a message, only to breathe a sigh of relief when it is my boyfriend – all 21 other people make my heart increase its pace. i did damage control for a few different situations with my bosses. and the whole time tried to keep a positive demeanor in front of my peers. its a balancing act and every day i give myself a pep talk which centers around the fact that my next assignment will deal with me leading half the people i am now, which is very comforting at this point lol.

by the time i made it back to my homey hotel room at the end of the day, i immediately shed my uniform and put on a bright pink shirt and purple running shorts. and i ran away. i wanted to get lost. i ran about a mile and a half away to a network of paths in the georgia forest. every time that i go on a run, my goal is to get literally lost. i run down hills covered in slippery pine needles, scale banks of dried out sand rivers, and shiver as pockets of cool fall air caress my bare ankles. i focus on the sound of my breath and on the squirrels scurrying up the trees. and slowly the remnants of my day sweat out of my pores and the sound of the roads die away. it is without a doubt, magical.

by the time i exited the forest, the sun was setting and it was painting a beautiful masterpiece in the sky before my eyes.
and i realized that tomorrow isn’t just another day full of pain and anxiety, it is also full of opportunities and chances to shine.

here’s to tomorrow!

xoxo, annie

also, picture of the post focuses on some of my friends looking especially soldier-ific in the b co motor pool:



One Response to “get(ting) lost”

  1. elockwood October 17, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    i love using “tomorrow” as a tag. i read things like this and wish i was a runner haha. maybe next year, right? ;) xx

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