the struggles of my hair

22 Oct

listening to: the album “such great heights” by the postal service

so, this post is also going to go away from my normal morals and moods of my blogs and instead review a product which turned my frizzy curly hair (which, don’t get me wrong, i love – no maintenance at all):


to this:


please excuse the over-use of makeup… but i was about to dress up as a lady vampire for our last night of haunting at the haunted house!

now, i have been struggling lately with my easy-to-frizz hair and blow dryers and big brushes and hair products. but one day, when i hopelessly pulled back my failed attempt at blow drying my hair straight, i went to google (which, in hindsight, i should have done first), and found reviews for the conair infiniti pro spin air brush. which i promptly bought at target. chris was there too to experience the anticipation. he even asked if i wanted to try it out – but, i love him more than the prospect of pretty, smooth hair, so i told him i would spend that time with him instead of slaving over my sink.

but, it turns out that no slaving was required! basically the spin brush combines a blow dryer and a brush. so instead of trying to coordinate two arms over your head at once (and, in my case, my arms reaching muscle failure), you only have to use one hand! yay! and as long as your hair is already semi-dry, the spin brush styles your hair and makes it silky and smooth.

i recommend this product 100%, because it gave me hope and also pretty hair.

the moral of this post is: is if you are like me, and horrible at using blow dryers, but really desire a way to diversify your hair’s looks, go out and get a spin brush from your local target!



One Response to “the struggles of my hair”

  1. Kimberly Cale October 22, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    Success! Finding the perfect product is half the battle, well maybe, the whole battle. <3

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