pumpkin spice tea

4 Nov

listening to: the album “my head is an animal” by of monsters and men

sometimes it just takes a little bit of time and reflection to find your balance. this past week was a whirlwind of deadlines and social events and interviews and stress. this next week is the cumulative event of my time at sbolc where we will be implementing all of the skills we have learned over the past four months. i spent a good portion of this morning worrying about how my class would preform and if we could continue to impress our leaders as we have been the rest of the time here. i took a break from this to pick up a few things from the grocery store where i spied pumpkin spice tea on display beside some other seasonal items.

now, i haven’t enjoyed a good cup of tea in a little while. through my time at university  beginning during my freshman year, i began to obsess over and collect different types of teas. around the world, at quaint farmer’s markets, sold in boxes and tubes, loose leaf and in tea bags. i can’t get enough of it. but normally i share my tea with a friend. it became a symbol of coming together to share something easy and delicious, an excuse to spend time with people. my pff kit and i went so far last year as to invest in a milk frother and make our very own chai lattes. baristas at west point! the beginning of my relationship with chris began over shared cups of tea. i love tea, and i love sharing it.

today, however alone, i was set on enjoying a cup of tea. specifically pumpkin spice tea (which in reality is just rooibos tea with vanilla and other spices), because, as a non-coffee drinker, i feel left out when pumpkin-spice latte season roles around. so i finished my work, talked to my girl friends for a couple of hours on oovoo (few things are as fun as that when you’re spread across the country), took a shower, cleaned my room, and then turned on my water heater.

i think one of the most beneficial parts of living on my own these past few months became very apparent this quiet weekend. i am ok by myself. and when i dropped my teabag in the steaming water and the delicious and stress-relieving aroma filled my nostrils i felt a deep sense of calm. maybe sometimes i can share a cup of tea with myself, and not be so dependent on others for my calm.

granted. i can’t quell the excitement and happiness filling my limbs as i count down the days until christopher will be back with me! just four more whole days!



One Response to “pumpkin spice tea”

  1. Kimberly Cale November 4, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    And I do believe that I will have a cup of tea, in your honor! <3 It will be Tazo's Wild Sweet Orange.

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