my lucky stars

12 Nov

listening to: the “ongaria” album by the great lake swimmers

i have been of course again reminded that i am the luckiest girl in the world.

from the 5th of november to the 9th, i was away from the luxuries of life such as showers and my macbook and freshly cooked food completing my sbolc ftx. time flew by, we were successful, and i was surrounded by great people in good ole’ blue platoon. before i knew it, friday arrived, and i fought exhaustion to go pick up my handsome boyfriend from the airport! we were both blessed with three day weekends this past weekend for veterans day, and he had a mystery weekend trip planned for us, which he divulged nothing of during the months leading up to it (although i did prod!).

he had set up a relaxing weekend for us at the ritz in greensboro, ga, a small town known for lakes and golfing. i was in awe of the tranquility of the place, and before i knew it we were checking in at the spa for a couple’s massage. they confirmed our reservation and said “for a couple’s reconnect massage?” for some reason i took offense to the name of the massage. couple’s reconnect? were they insinuating that we were not connected mentally? physically? i quickly felt silly about my offense to the title of the massage  and went on to enjoy the amenities of the spa and the great feeling of a massage after a week of training and carrying heavy rucks.

the next day, i found myself snuggled up against chris under a blanket and swinging on a hammock under the stars peeking through the pine trees. the most peace and tranquility i have felt in a very long time. why? well, sure, we were at a picture perfect resort and were far removed from our busy and loud lifestyles. my go to voice volume of shouting had faded away to just above a whisper while we lay there, savoring every moment.

and i realized the reason why i finally felt reconnected with my christopher. because, i was no longer playing catch up, trying to explain my busy life and it’s intricacies to him. whenever i fill him in on the happenings of my day, i am so eager to be done explaining what went on so that i can just focus on a two way conversation, to bring us closer together. and the longer we were together this weekend, a miraculous thing happened: our lives back at our residencies melted into the background and the conversations were about us, our thoughts, our futures, and our love – nothing else.

so, next time you are with someone you care about, focus less on playing catch up, and more on the beauty that lies behind that and reconnecting with them.



ps: after some monitoring of my facebook newsfeed: i want people to know that not all girls love a guy with “mud on the tires”


2 Responses to “my lucky stars”

  1. Elie K. November 12, 2012 at 10:35 pm #

    I love your point of de-emphasizing catch up and enjoying organic conversation more. Lovely post!!

    • Elie K. November 12, 2012 at 10:36 pm #

      And applicable to the whole spectrum of relationships-

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