headed north: moving on with my life

15 Nov

listening to: the “no ghost” album by the acorn

as of today, i have uprooted myself from my previous home for the past four months – augusta, georgia – and have travelled north with my momma to the great state of north carolina. i have emptied the contents of my car into my new home. tomorrow my furniture is coming, and slowly, slowly, my house (with my lovely roomies) will begin the slow process of becoming our new home.

today i also have been dethroned of my title of “class leader” i have held for the past four months. following our graduation, i reacted to a text on my phone with the familiar foreboding accompanying every message, but then i breathed a sigh of relief. it was only my boss telling me i had done a good job. and even if it wasn’t, my duties of class leader were officially over. i deleted all of the “business” texts from my phone and finally was able to separate myself from my leader book. in the hallways of our class building, i was hugged my good friend fred goodbye. the army generally frowns on any type of bodily contact, and one of our bosses walked by and eyed us, i said “sir, i’m never going to see him again!” our boss scoffed, smiled knowingly, and walked away.

i’ll miss that place. and i’ll miss all of the friends i have made. but with that, there are things i also will not miss  – of course.

my new house is the home my parents built when i was seven years old. i lived in it until i was ten, and now i return twelve years later. it was surreal driving down our street and down the driveway, everything seemed so small. granted, i have grown into my adult body, and i understand that everything is still the same size – but i have so many memories that suddenly do not seem as grand. nicholas and i used to roller blade on the railroad ties that border the culdesac – and now the ties are worn and barely there, remnants of the glory they used to be. the great green fir trees that border our property have grown and are walls from the neighbors. but these giant trees seem to hug our adorable brick house like something in a fairy tale. i am ready to make this house our home.

in a display of wanting to embrace my future: i changed the “home” destination on my gps to my new brick house in north carolina – replacing my parent’s home in pennsylvania.


here is to the next chapter of my life!
(after, of course, i spend a week in pennsylvania with my mommy for thanksgiving … baby steps!)



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