my new life

16 Dec

listening to: the album “be the void” by dr. dog

last night, my boyfriend brought up to me the fact that i haven’t written a blog in over a month!! so, for those who actually follow this diligently, i am sorry! life has picked up the pace, and i’ve dropped the literary ball. either way, i am here, and i have a few things to say.

i now have a job, a house, and a car. it frightens me a little that i was excited for this low key weekend for the time to vacuum the house, clean the bathrooms, and potentially not leave the house. but all of this desire to be low key derives from my busy work life – which i absolutely adore. i am a platoon leader in the 112 signal battalion (so)(a), a unit with a rich history and a really neat mission. we bring signal support to the special operations communities and special forces teams around the world. it’s really neat. and i am part of it! and although i am very much a part of it all, i feel like such a newborn baby in comparison to my peers.

of the other platoon leaders in my company, all the rest are first lieutenants (a rank higher than mine, for you non-army-savvy types), and of the one other second lieutenant, he was prior special forces.  the good news is everyone is incredibly helpful and kind to me and my cluelessness. all of us were recommended to be part of this unit, and i was too, but i just feel as if i have a lot to prove. and i am up to the task. i come in early and leave late – which actually is a blessing because the traffic leaving fort bragg is absolutely horrendous that it almost encourages me to want to stay late to save myself the stress associated with doubling my commute time.

speaking of being a baby: one of the first sergeants of another company, when i met her, said to me, “so what i’m hearing is true, there is a 15 year old walking around the battalion!” and two nights ago at my battalion christmas party, i felt like almost every single one of my soldiers and commanders had a child on their/their spouse’s hip. at one point, to bring light to the situation, i pretended i had a child on my hip and said, “i left mine at home!” but of course, i don’t think i was helping my case by wearing a cute bow headband (in respect to blair waldorf) which looked very similar to the headband in my commander’s daughter’s hair. she is three.

but i love being me and i love bringing my personality and soapboxes to my unit. i have supportive superiors and peers. i am blessed to have a family and boyfriend who 100% support these steps that i am taking in my life.

i am currently reading the alchemist by paulo coelho and it is 1. incredible and 2. about making the steps in your life to bring about your personal legend. this is the unit i wanted to be part of since i heard of it over ctlt, years ago. and i’ve performed and made the connections needed to make it here. and now that i’ve made it, i’m ready to live up to my full potential.

here’s to life!



3 Responses to “my new life”

  1. Kimberly Cale December 16, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

    Love this and you are truly an inspiration! <3 So very proud and so very excited for you!

  2. Catherine December 16, 2012 at 8:39 pm #

    Your life sounds so interesting! I read “The Alchemist” this past fall, and I agree with you – it’s a good example of what you can do to create the life you want/ the life you think you should lead. Good luck!

  3. elockwood December 16, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

    “in respect to blair waldorf” and “she is three” … i was literally still laughing from that (outloud) when i reached the end! yay adulthood. you are doing awesome :)

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