a new kind of service

27 Jan

dear ever attentive internet followers,

i am back! honestly, i’ve always been here, but real life is pretty busy. actually, i’ve kind of done that to myself. quick typical schedule: wake up at 5, first workout of the day at 6, get to work at 7:30, shower, eat and start work. work actually starts at 9. lunch at 12 until 1. more work until about 5:15, where i unstick myself from whatever task i am glued to in order to escape and go to crossfit which starts at 6. back home at 7:30. where i promptly eat, shower, and go to sleep by 9. and repeat! (during my transit time i converse with my ever loving boyfriend and mommy… time efficiency!)

but i love my job and my life situation, but one thing was missing that was always part of my life growing up: going to church! my mommy came to visit the other weekend and we went to service at saint elizabeth ann seaton’s catholic church together. this was the parish that i had my first holy communion in and also first reconciliation, so we gave it a try. we loved the priest and the congregation. i actually cried during his homily: i felt loved and welcomed. which is a nice change from the guilt vibe i normally pick up at mass. so this sunday, the first sunday where we haven’t been entertaining or too tired, i got up, put on a nice dress and did my hair and was out the door.

first off, i was under the impression that mass was at 11. so i got there at 10:45, and walked into the eerily empty church. a lady was there preparing things so i asked, “is mass cancelled today?” and she said, “it’s at 11:30,  like it always is!” … well that was good to know. so i decided i would go sit in the chapel and you know, pray. so, i was the first one at church today. but instead of being frustrated that i had wasted time, i didn’t feel like i had wasted anything. the chapel is carpeted and airy, and i was able to experience a peace and quiet that i haven’t in a very long time. it was very pleasant, and i was actually peeved when the adorable children’s choir came to start practicing before mass.

eventually the parish filled up with adorable families and couples, and i soon realized the only single people were myself and some older people who were probably widows and widowers. in fact, i actually shared a pew with some older folks. and i started to think what people perceived of me. did they think i was a devout little catholic girl remembering the sabbath? or someone full of sin looking for a way to make it right in god’s good graces again? did they think i was a cat lady?

but then the lovely message from our priest dispelled all of that: we are all parts of the body of jesus christ, and we are all important and full of value. without one of us, we would not be whole! so, no matter what people think of me being a single 23 year old girl at church, i am meant to be wherever i am.



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