it’s the little things

3 Feb

these past couple of days have been mentally rough for me. but i’m not here to gripe about that or ponder life and why things happen they way they do or anything of that nature, so don’t worry. but, last week i made a tiny promise to myself that i was going to try to blog once a week, even when my life has taken a crazy and busy turn (aka: having a job), so here i am.

one of my friends mentioned that she wanted to start a blog, and i said “ITS EASY AND FREE!!!!” which she responded that she wouldn’t know where to start. well, my dad has had me writing in a journal since i first lived in this house, when i was 8. and since then i’ve always searched for the common string or theme that brings my days together. i like to pretend like my life is a tv series and i always try to find what the tiny moral is for each daily episode of my life. common themes include “be a light in the darkness,” “kill them with kindness,” and, “don’t be afraid to ask for help.” but these past few days’ theme has been:

it’s the little things.

i woke up after a night of crying friday morning and i was just not having it. the glee soundtrack i have playing on repeat just wasn’t doing it for me on the half hour drive to work. (which is uncommon, i love glee with my whole heart and will defend it unendingly) but as i rolled up to the gate, my doldrums were challenged by a cheery security guard at 5:30 in the morning. instead of the typical “all the way, ma’am” he told me “ma’am, have a fantastic friday and thank you so much for your service” genuinely and preciously. i wanted to cry. why was i able to grump and mope in my life while he had to get up many hours before me and guard pope army air field in the freezing cold. and then i realized that if he could be that cheery and motivational to strangers, i needed to buck up and have a great day. 

and today i had a fantastic day with two of my closest lady friends where we had our first annual super bowl shopping day. with all of america watching the super bowl, we had prime time shopping in raleigh. the mall was empty! for the last hour or so we were there we were the only ones in all of the shops. then we went to eat at a restaurant with others who were also celebrating their own version of superbowl festivities… it was an interesting crowd, those away from their televisions (in america’s defense, we still don’t have cable). maybe it just took some good lady time and shopping, laughter and wit to drag me out of this dark place i was spiraling into, but maybe i just needed to step back and focus on all the little wonderful things in my life.

i have an incredibly supportive and understanding family. i live with two of my closest friends. my boyfriend unendingly believes in me and loves me, no matter what the circumstances. i have a strongly rooted belief in a higher power. my room smells like lavender. my car gets incredible gas mileage. i have a job that takes care of me. i don’t have student loans. the stars shine so brightly out here. i am loved. i am cared for. i am respected. 

it is overwhelming sometimes when you stop and think about it.

appropriately, while in a little shop today, one of my friends came up and handed me this:



it was at this point i knew what to write about today.
(also, squirrels are my favorite animal!)




2 Responses to “it’s the little things”

  1. Kimberly Cale February 4, 2013 at 6:09 am #

    Yes! <3

  2. Marilyn Stremel Niernberger February 4, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

    Annie, I love to read your words on wordpress!!!! And yes, it is the little things!!!Thanks for remonding me.

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