assumptions, make an

19 Feb

listening to: the album “fire romance fire” by my fiction

today was an incredibly busy day at work. four day weeks mean fitting five work days into fewer. and last week i had the opportunity to be in class all week, setting me back another four days of work. i knew i was going to have a mountain of work to attack once i got situated in my office. and that, i did. 

i sent out a message to one of my staffs which is helping me organize an event for my unit, and since normally i have only facetime with them, it was one of my first emails to the members. of course, my main point of punctuation was the exclamation point. and those who email me/deal with me on the internet know that i lean more toward ! than . i exclaim life! but, one of the people on my staff didn’t know that. and he came in, frazzled, to my office later to ask if he was on track with his taskings. i smiled and let him know everything was going to plan, and thanked him so much for caring. 

later my platoon sergeant said to me “ma’am, sounds like you gave sgt so and so a scare earlier today with that email” and i said, “what? how could that be, it was only a reminder!” which he glanced up at me and said, “he said something about thinking you were yelling” i faced palmed and he continued, “its your exclamation points causing trouble!” and then we laughed because both he and i know i’m not one to yell. 

but it got me to thinking – when else have i assumed that everyone around me understands me completely, but really they are just nodding their heads and dealing. the lesson i learned today was that maybe i should take the extra few minutes to fully explain and make sure everyone truly knows what i mean. nothing is worse than assuming one thing and the complete other being the reality. 

after many a broken relationship, christopher and i promised at the very start of our romance to be completely clear with one and other – and it has probably been one of the most beneficial “girlfriend decrees” i have ever made. he can sense any smidgen of trepidation in my response to a question or a tilt of my head to something he’s said, and immediately will ask what had bothered me. neither one of us is willing to assume the other is alright, because even that is a tiny lie that has the potential to compound upon other tiny lies and lead to something heartbreaking. and i love him, and care too much about him to ever allow that to happen.

assuming is easy, but being clear and truthful will save you the heartache and pain in the end.

assumptions make an ass out of you and me after all!



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