lady power and fayetteville

28 Apr

listening to: the album, “transcendental youth” by the mountain goats

my life has been tiring and often frustrating lately. there is no denying it. more specifically, my job has been tiring and frustrating (i am specifying to make sure no one worries about the status of my personal and family lives). there is something uniquely pestering about a change of command inventory. you lay out every single thing that you are responsible for and count all if its itty bitty parts to make sure the new commander knows the equipment he or she will be signed for. i, myself, am signed for 15 million dollars worth of equipment. trucks, but mostly antennas and radios. one antenna system has about 15 pages of components. so at times, i go a little bit crazy – chasing down three more washers or extra antennas that had fallen behind my shelving units. 

anyway. whenever i get overwhelmed by the mundane awfulness of it all, i think to myself:

“self, you are fighting the good fight.”

and what is my fight? i want to behave and act and lead flawlessly at work so that i can play my part in showing that a lady has just as much of a right in the military workplace as a man. granted, i am in the signal branch, where women are allowed to deploy with men, but that doesn’t mean i don’t face adversity at some smaller scale. but slowly, my bosses are seeing that i am serious about equality. their initial skepticism is being replaced by confidence in my abilities, both physical and mental. i am no longer getting picked last for football teams, my commander recommends me as a rope-climbing teacher, and one of my sgm’s makes sure that ranger school is something in my life path. 

i do this all so that i can open doors for the young girls who (hopefully) can find something in my life and follow it. so they can know they can do it too and they’re not alone. 

so, when i was at the fayetteville dogwood festival this saturday, i was struck by two beautiful lady power moments. first, one more finesse filled and beautiful:


tiny beautiful ballerinas. it is my belief that your job shouldn’t be allowed or expected to steal any of your femininity from you. i am a lady. that does not mean i won’t wear camo and sweat and smell bad with everyone else. but it does mean that i will act like a lady. i do not stand for innuendos or objectifying speech. i believe that the soldier is a professional, and he or she should act like one.

my second lady power moment was this:


an all lady band at the battle of the band stage. i loved it. being brave and expressing themselves. just because you open a music magazine and see so few lovely lady faces doesn’t mean that isn’t the place for you. these girls are following their hearts and that inspires me.

one day i hope to live in a world where my daughter doesn’t feel pressured by society to act a certain way or do a certain thing. i want my children, regardless of their sex, to know that this whole world is open to them. nothing will stand in their way. and in order to make that statement a reality, i will let nothing stand in my way.

to be an example for those who come after me.



One Response to “lady power and fayetteville”

  1. Cata April 29, 2013 at 11:57 am #

    I agree completely!! Good post!! You are a rockstar!!

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