it has been a long time

14 Jul

listening to: noah gundersen’s album “saints & liars”

i haven’t posted on this lovely site in a very long time. i don’t have much of an excuse, but two months have passed. so a really quick re-cap before i share a story that i should have shared to bring a little hope to this sometimes hopeless world.

since may 19th (the last time i posted):
-handsome christopher graduated from west point! (a lovely, although very cold weekend, with the wallace family up at our alma mater)Image
-christopher and i travelled to rome for a week, and also spent a little bit of time at his home with his family in houston!

-i went to a really neat great gatsby party in wilmington, for my friend, matt’s birthday

-work happened, and i remain not at my happiest. but i was provided with an opportunity to deploy to africa for six months starting in 2 weeks. so of course i said “yes!” in a resounding voice. anything to get me away from …. certain things at work. (if there is any consolation for being miserable at work, it is that this certain thing has brought my coworkers and myself exceptionally close, which is nice.)

-i took a tiny more bit of leave to spend the 4th of july with my family before i ship off (of course christopher, in his unending selflessness, joined us!)


-christopher and i will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary next sunday! unfortunately we won’t be able to celebrate on that occasion, so we had a lovely date night in carlisle to celebrate a week ago. <3



so now readers, you are caught up in my ever-evolving life!
but now, it is story time:

our army, and our world (just look at the news), is struggling with a lot of things right now. but the issue that the army has taken as the most important at this time, is that of reducing (and hopefully eradicating) the amount of sexual assault and sexual harassment within its ranks.  so, our brigade had a “SHARP (sexual harassment/assault response and prevention) stand down day.” basically we all met in the park where our unit had organized for speakers from the MP station, the fayetteville police department, women’s shelters, etc to speak to our soldiers. 

at the station where some man was explaining that when having relations with another, even someone you are in a relationship with, or even married to, you must get consent. that was the gist of the whole little talk. i, if you know me this is no surprise, was very outspoken at every single station. instead of quietly sitting and hoping for time to fly by so we could get a half-day, i was loud and passionate about the issues at hand. so, at this station i was the same way. the speaker was trying to appeal to the crowd and was asking the rhetorical question, “is it fair that it’s ok for your partner to cut you off?” (or something along those lines) and i said, loudly, “yes! yes it is ok!” and the sergeant major of our brigade (a wonderful man), tapped me on the shoulder (he was sitting behind me) and said “ma’am, he didn’t say ‘is it fair’ he said ‘does it seem fair'” with a twinkle in his blue eyes and i laughed with him and he continued, “how about this: you’re at walmart and you told your child he could get a new toy, but when you’re at the register you tell him he has to put it back… is that fair to the child?” and i said back to him, “the difference in the story is that a toy is an item, and i am not an item.” he sat back, looked out across the field and said, “i hope my daughter grows up to be like you.” and i thanked him, but went on about how i couldn’t imagine raising a girl in a world as ugly as ours is. but he straightened up brawny self, and said, “raising a girl is life changing, i wouldn’t change it for anything” it was a lovely exchange. and a very personal moment that i was happy to be part of.

later, at the end of the day brigade formation, sergeant major said that story to everyone, singling out my little story about how we are not items and people shouldn’t be objectified. 

i very rarely feel like i make a difference in my organization, but that was an instance where i felt like i was doing the right thing with my life. 

i’ll take what i can :)



2 Responses to “it has been a long time”

  1. Kelley July 14, 2013 at 10:48 pm #

    I love that, Annie. Sometimes those debates get really heated or uncomfortable and I love that you could contribute in a way that was both uncompromising and true to yourself. Kudos, lady.

  2. Laura! July 16, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

    Annie you have such a wonderful way of putting things. There is no way he could have refuted it, way to go girl!!

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