running and germany

1 Aug


at the moment i find myself in beautiful and breathtaking germany, just outside of stuttgart where my higher headquarters for this deployment is located. sadly, i leave early on sunday, but i’m ready to do my job down in africa! 

either way, the hotel that i am staying at is the exact same hotel where my family stayed in 2002 back when we had just moved to stuttgart. i remember the apprehension which i went to my first day of class with, so afraid that i would be rejected. fortunately, the rejection by all of the older middle/high schoolers was lessened by my daddy coming to eat lunch with me for the first few months of school. 

but the way i found friends (finally) was through joining the cross country team at patch american high school, the school was grade 7 to 12 and the soccer coach recruited the youngest girls from the get-go so his high school team would hold it’s #1 position. but there was a pre-requisite for joining the soccer team: you had to run cross country. so i joined the team and met wonderful people who i ran in the german countryside with. i loved running in europe. unlike in america, there were paths running between every town and winding through the forest. it was picturesque and fresh and perfect. every run felt like an adventure.

so when i found out i was back here in germany, where my love of running began, i found myself out on some of the same trails of my youth. running, free and unfettered through the countryside. the only difference now is that instead of being in germany to follow my father’s military career, i am now here in support of my own military mission and my own career. 

it’s wild where the roads of life will take you!





One Response to “running and germany”

  1. Kimberly Cale August 1, 2013 at 1:19 pm #

    Precious, precious memories! I love you! <3

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