africa: first impressions

6 Aug
hello blog friends!

so, i have been in my new african location for two days now! and let me begin this by saying, there are so so many things that are so vastly different from the lifestyle i have become accustomed to that everything is exciting, a little overwhelming for me.

for example, the first time i opened the door to my bathroom (i’m already living like a queen having my own bathroom), there was a gecko on the wall, and ants on the floor, even though the prior resident of my room had the floors spotless from cleaning. it hasn’t taken me very long to get over that! not much of a choice!

down our dirt road a little, one of our neighbors has a camel that they take for walks on the street. i’ve already seen a monkey! the cattle here are huge and beautiful. seriously, they are adorable and have gleaming coats. i’m not into cattle in particular, but i absolutely love seeing them now. in the morning i wake up to roosters and a huge amount of bird calls. if you’re into birds, please come to uganda. there are so many varieties! 

this morning on the run i went on with two people i work with (we aren’t allowed to go anywhere without a buddy), two adorable young girls saw us, laughed, and joined us on our run for a good 800 meters before turning back to what i assume was their bus stop for school. so sweet! i love nothing more than waving at everyone i pass by, because the friendliness that is exuded by a returning smile and wave is really quite special. 

however there are moments i remember the turbulent nature of this region in africa. like when i was explained that we don’t have a sofa agreement here, and if i am pulled over in a car, or get into a bind, i need to legitimately flee the scene to a safe house or else very bad things could happen to me in custody. or how the police (who are friendly as well) carry ak-47s slung around their shoulders. 

but when i go and buy a freshly baked loaf of bread, say hello to the residents of this beautiful town, or bite into fresh sugarcane my hope and happiness is restored. honestly, the british colonized this place for a reason, it is beautiful and the weather is legitimately like that of paradise. people care here, and it’s easy to tell. already, on day two, i wish i had my family/friends/christopher here with me because i already think it will be hard for me to leave. if i had them, i would be completely perfect with my life. 

i know i have no insightful things to say, but i just wanted to share my first impression of uganda with you all!




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