why reading is affecting my sleep cycle

23 Sep

i’ve started reading again. the last book i read before this trip was, “the master and margarita” a book by mikhail bulgakov, the book my baby brother nicholas sent with me on my voyage to africa. i loved it, and loved that it was from my brother – who wrote an inscription in it and everything. it was very cinematic and i loved it. so i read it, and loved it. 

then i arrived in africa and was ready to start, and finish, the jane austen four-books-in-one super book.  i purchased this book in barnes and noble one day from the bargain isle where christopher and i were loading our arms with books we both probably still haven’t read. i decided that as a self proclaimed feminist (slash lady in general), i needed to read the works of one of the first famous lady authors. i mean, i really liked the movie pride and prejudice with kiera knightly. in hind sight, i just think i like kiera knightly and old fashioned clothing. also accents. unfortunately, i couldn’t finish it. and when i say finish, i mean i couldn’t get through the first 10 pages of this super-book. i’m sorry. maybe trying to sneak in a little jane austen during the lulls at work in my technology filled job just didn’t make sense. or maybe i didn’t have patience for it. 

but now i am on a roll. people’s parents assume that people out here at my assignment have oodles of time and no internet. both of which are not true. our jobs are time consuming and intense, and we have tons of internet (you’re welcome). regardless, parents and friends send lots of old books. we have shelves of them. but unfortunately, for the books, we also have an xbox here and a punching bag (probably the two go to activities when people have free time). i love the book shelf full of well traveled and worn books, and i have delved into some weird ones. needless to say the hour i used to spend at night watching chopped on the african food network (just like the food network back home but with a lot of south african shows), has now become dedicated to reading books.

i used to fall into a deep sleep following chopped (i also like to tell people it’s making me better at cooking… hypothetically) and after a long day and also of a nice run in the morning and pretend-crossfit after the evening meetings, i am tired and have no problem entering dream land. 

BUT NOW my mind is active and awake after my reading hour. which is why i am delivering a stream of consciousness at 11 pm instead of relishing some hours of peace and quiet. i know the victor of the chopped challenge after 35 minutes of television. i don’t know the ending to the story after 35 minutes. but the suspense makes it worth it (unless you find out the book you’ve just finished is the first book in a trilogy)! so i must sleep!

i’ve been meaning to write a meaningful blog post for a while now. i’ve been nearly inspired by an utterly disgusting youtube video from a Catholic father preaching to the internet masses about why women shouldn’t go to college ( http://jezebel.com/creepy-catholic-website-explains-why-women-shouldnt-go-1297432590 if you’re interested) and also every piece of internet gossip/literature that came out following miley and robin thicke’s performance at the vmas. i’ve wanted to write about what it is like to be on a pre-dawn run through uganda and see a huge lightning bolt light up the sky over lake victoria and listen to the strong winds rock the banana trees and how in sync with nature one can feel here. i’ve wanted to write about a lot of things – being the only girl at my compound, feeling like a provocative human being for going on a run with only running shorts covering my legs, or the way time slows down here. 

but instead i am writing about how reading isn’t letting me fall asleep. 
hopefully this can do the trick.

(i promise to be insightful next time!)



One Response to “why reading is affecting my sleep cycle”

  1. Kimberly Cale September 23, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    Your runs sound awesome and I have never read Jane Austen! I love you bunches!

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