entebbe musings

9 Nov
hello everyone – i know it has been quite a while since i have written a blog entry. but believe it or not, i actually do work sometimes, and most times that means once i retreat to my room at the end of the day all i want to do is go to sleep.

but i digress, i am more than halfway done with my time in uganda and i absolutely cannot believe it. time seriously does fly, but an interesting twist of being in uganda (for me) is that i feel like no time has passed at all. perhaps that is because there is no changing of the seasons. being in this equatorial paradise means that the weather doesn’t fluctuate like it does back home. instead of fall, winter, spring, and summer we just have the rainy season and the not-rainy season. which is fine by me, but just doesn’t jive with how i’m used to time passing.

i’m already starting to miss things, even though i still have another two months left. uganda is a very unique place when seen through my eyes. don’t get me wrong, i love it, but i just can’t compare back home and entebbe fairly because there are just so few similarities. i’m going to miss smiling, friendly people most of all. there is a billboard on entebbe road that says “if the world thinks being friendly is crazy… then let’s go crazy!” every single day i remark that i feel about 500 times safer here in entebbe than i do back home in fayetteville. but there are some things that still baffle me, even after nearly 4 months.

1. cell phones. everyone has a cell phone. additionally, uganda is a third world country. the roads are mostly dirt, the majority of shops are small metal containers and most dwellings are huts or shells of old sturdy houses during the colonization. people still take big jugs down to lake victoria every morning for their day’s worth of water. malaria is rampant and electricity goes out many times a day. but people have cell phones, and their distribution is wide and expanding constantly. i mean, as it is my job, i hold communication and the ability to communicate near and dear to my heart – but at the same time i’d trade a better infant mortality rate and street lights for a cellphone (maybe i’m just jealous i don’t have a my cell phone here lol)

2. the drivers are fearless here. i am glad i don’t have to drive – better yet, that i’m not allowed to drive here by our rules in country. one of my favorite phenomenon is when an emergency vehicle speeds down the center of the road, it will be followed by a line of other vehicles taking advantage of it’s speed and clear path. along with that, we do a lot of passing of traffic by driving in the opposing lane as well and i count down the seconds we have before oncoming traffic gets too close. it’s quite reckless and makes me feel like we’re in a get away car in a video game or movie. but most of the time i just try not to pay too close attention.
3. there are a few restaurants in the area that are frequented by the UN and tourists who come through entebbe, and in these “up-scale” restaurants there is a quick security check before you can enter the premises. it’s always funny to me because they let me walk right by without searching me while they wag the security wand over the guys and search their backpacks. the first time i entered one of these restaurants i stopped in front of the guard and opened by purse and he said, “oh no, madam, you’re a lady!” and i said “i am a lady!” but that doesn’t really make much sense on a security perspective haha

4.  how breathaking everything is. central and eastern africa is full of so much beauty. the beauty is simple and unaffected by anything artificial. every morning, i start my day by admirning the views of the rising sun over lake victoria and it is breathtaking. the simple structures and abounding wildlife brings so much color and life to the environment. if you are into birds or bird watching, uganda is definitely  the place for you. 



5. it’s so strange thinking of the culture shock that awaits me when i return home. but until then, please enjoy a photo of how soap is sold in entebbe:



i’ll write something insightful next time, but i hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings! 



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