a sort of diet

12 Nov

hello! me again.

so, i have embarked on a sort of diet for the next two months, so that when i return home i will have back my positive self-image so i can feel good going out and eating again. i’m not really sure what has happened to me here. granted, back in north carolina i was adhering to a strict paleo diet during the week, and then hitting my delicious cravings on the weekend, and also working out twice a day during the week. so i was feeling very positive about my body.

then i came here to entebbe and my diet was based on someone else cooking for me (my lovely ugandan ladies who work on our compound), my job became busy and i can’t always find the time to do my two-a-days, i no longer have a crossfit gym to attend and push me, and my lovely friends and family lovingly send me wonderful packages full of goodies such as the one you see here (which i have no qualms about lol, yum):


so, i’ve brought the remainder my stockpile of snacks and goodies up to my office to share with my soldiers and have started my little diet of no snacking between meals and no desserts. granted, when it’s thanksgiving and christmas here i’ll cut myself a break, but i need to mentally feel like i’m healthy again. i’m sure i don’t physically look any different than i did back home, but i feel different.

so i am trying to change that. and i’m telling you, internet world, for the same reason i told my office – i need people to hold me accountable.

i’ve already made it through day one and i already feel lighter. maybe turns out eating three granola bars and handfuls of delicious haribo gummi bears a day isn’t really necessary!



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