a smile and a wave

16 Nov

hello everyone! just another little note from beautiful entebbe, uganda.

first of all, i’m very happy to say that i will be heading home in approximately 60 days and i can hardly contain my excitement. in my over-zealousness surrounding my return, i’ve already signed the lease on my new apartment and scheduled my movers. i’m ready!! 
additionally, my pretend diet is going well!! i feel a lot lighter and healthier and less sensitive about my body (i work in a male dominated work place and they are very hard on each other “tough love” they say – when one of them eats a piece of cake, everyone else comments on it and their fat kid tendencies… this probably has added to my self conscious feelings surrounding my diet here) – i was so so proud of my self control when it came to not snacking and not eating dessert, that i treated myself to my very favorite thing here – an apple crumble – at dinner last night (and i wasn’t ashamed or self conscious about it)! so all in all, feeling very victorious right now!

second of all, another observation of living in uganda: i admit, i stick out here. like a sore thumb. thankfully our ugandan neighbors and friends are kind and welcoming to us although it is apparent we didn’t grow up in the area. but because of this, when we’re out running or out to dinner or in the store/market all eyes are pretty much on us. but it isn’t like the stares that i feel back home, which make me feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, here the stares are a question. at first i felt a little like i was back at west point being stared at by tourists who come to see us do the cadet thing – critical. back then i would ignore and carry on with my day. but now i’ve taken to waving. every time there is a stare of curiosity i respond with a smile and a wave. and i love it! a brief moment of human interaction opens the door to a conversation and a smile and laughter. i just wish that i didn’t have to open that door all the time. i wish that people could wave at each other without it being taboo or considered weird…

but then i realized that back home i would never wave at a stranger. if they were staring at me, i would walk briskly in the other direction, not wave at them like i do here. uganda, or atleast the kind people of entebbe, has made me trust those people that i don’t know. friends are quickly made here and i feel so lucky to have been able to spend the past four months here! i’ll miss everyone here, and i will miss not being frightened to go on a run in town.


(some of my littlest ugandan friends)



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