the happiness bubble

20 Nov
back at school, a big block of our psychology major colloquium class was focused on positive psychology. coincidentally, i did my thesis within the field of positive psychology as well, so it’s something i am very passionate about and interested in. my work group focused our product on the ways in which to most effectively respond to a statement from a loved one or friend. a way to respond in which to generate positive regard. if you’re interested here is the little website we created explaining how to best respond to someone:

(presenting my thesis!)


basically it explains how if you don’t give someone a chance to revel in their happiness, you damage your relationship with them. for example if a friend comes to you and says, “great news! i’m buying a puppy!” and you say, “ew you have to potty train it” or “who is going to watch it when you’re out of town,” you don’t allow your friend to be happy about the thing they’re clearly excited about. but if you respond with, “wow! that’s awesome, what kind?” you allow your friend to live in that happy moment even longer, at no real cost to yourself. and the more you live in that happy place the more healthy and happy you become. 

knowing that and believing in my research that led to above conclusions, i get very frustrated on a daily basis by the conversations i hear between people and those i participate in. i have a hard time understand why when someone is clearly excited about something, “i had a delicious burger at anna’s last night!!” (anna’s is a restaurant here in entebbe that indeed has delicious burgers) people respond with “oh you don’t know a good burger until you’ve had one at ______.” or something along those lines. does it make people feel cool or superior to make someone feel diminished about their feeling of excitement and happiness? 

the people i deal with here are inherently competitive, and perhaps this explains people’s desire to squash your feeling of excitement based on a discovery, or maybe people are jealous someone is feeling happy about something. either way, lately it has been bothering me. so next time someone comes to you with a smile on their face and a small story from their life, do your best to allow that person to live in their bubble of happiness for a bit longer instead of popping it.

just a thought!


One Response to “the happiness bubble”

  1. Kimberly Cale November 21, 2013 at 5:28 am #

    Words to live by for sure! <3 I love you bunches!

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