mustaches and hard boiled eggs

29 Jan

dear readers,

i am back in the united states of america! granted, i have been for almost two weeks, but i have been so enthralled in moving into my apartment, spending time with friends and family, and learning how to work in a conventional army job again. but here i am!

the subject of this post wasn’t supposed to be an attention grabber, it was simply a saying i coined when i was back in uganda. there were a very small number of us working out in there, we spent all of our time together as the only americans in the area. so trends spread fast. one minute one of the guys would begin growing a mustache, and a week later, literally every other guy was growing a mustache. or one morning someone would decide they wanted to change their breakfast menu to hard boiled eggs. and suddenly everyone was peeling egg shells at breakfast (which i found mildly irritating). i was able to observe group norms and tiny cliques. i learned a lot about my job, africa, and the military. i spent six months with some of the most competent and incredible men (and lady) at work and then work out and eat and hangout with them as well.

deployment is a weird thing. i know this post is old news to everyone who has left their “at home” life for a medium-long amount of time and then leave and not see them again (unless, of course, you deploy with your unit – but in my job that isn’t a thing). those six months i grew so close to people, we had inside jokes and jabs and grew together – but now uganda feels so far away, and like none of it even happened. i feel sometimes like i am floating without anything to anchor onto and i am just going through the motions. it’s very strange. but i guess that is what it feels like when you’ve had a life changing experience and everything back where you have returned is very much the very same. i’m not upset or depressed, i am just floating. i’ve grown and i don’t know if my proverbial shoes fit anymore. it’s strange, but maybe it just takes a little bit of time. ย 



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