memory lane

3 Apr

listening to: the “with love ep” by oh honey

i grew up in north carolina. sometimes i forget that fact. “grew up in” is kind of a loose term, but i was born in fayetteville in 1990, stayed for two years and we moved back for my second, third, and fourth grade years of education as well. that’s five years of my childhood spent here! and here i am again! it was a little surreal living in the house my parents built before i left for africa, and it remains a little surreal attending the same parish i received first holy communion at. 



(a darling photo of young nicholas and i in our north carolina house)

but having lived in so many more glamorous places such as panama, pennsylvania, germany, and the netherlands, i’ve always been quick to set aside my stronger north carolinan roots. but there is no way to argue that the greatest percentage of my childhood wasn’t spent in north carolina. some of my favorite childhood memories come from north carolina. swimming in the lake, being immersed in gymnastics, having my first crush (travis c.), trading pokemon cards, tumbling in the grass/sand/dirt (gymnastics was a huge part of my life), hosting shows for my parents, learning how to bake, and so much more. but the other day at the gym, i had a huge blast from the past. 

we were doing one of my least favorite exercises – sled pulls through the empty lot beside the gym. thankfully the lot was covered in grass, or else it would have been too much. but because of the grass, and the metal contraption being pulled through it, a rich armoa filled the air that brought me down memory lane. wild onions!! i felt pulled back to second grade during recess at johnsonville elementary school. i used to spend so much time hunched over, examining the ground closely for four leaf clovers and while seraching i would accidentally break the stalks of those wild onions releasing that tell-tale odor. suddenly i was 8 years old.

i love those moments where you have those out-of-body experiences. instead of the weight of the adult world on my shoulders, i was transported back to when life was simple and my only goal was to find a four leaf clover.




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