back at it

13 Jul

listening to: “modern vampires of the city” album by vampire weekend

wow. it’s been over two whole months since i’ve written on my precious little blog. a few people in my life have tried to convince me that i shouldn’t have a blog, since (according to them) no one really cares, and i’m not saying anything new. lately articles published on the internet by people who think they have something to say have found me shaking my head. it’s both the beauty and downfall of instantaneous communication and information flow. its beautiful that i can, with my own fingers and words, answer any question i have through the internet. but it can get ugly when people spew their hate or insensitivities on this same domain. however, i have resolved to keep my blog because: 

1) i love it 

2) i don’t have any hate to spew 

here is a quick photo tour of what i’ve been up to lately:

ball5 SENTINEL CROSSFIT OLYMPICS 341 IMG_5835 IMG_5708 IMG_5920 IMG_6210 IMG_6268 IMG_6385IMG_6408

so that’s pretty much it (i swear i have a job lol)! lots of wonderful things, lots of traveling, and lots of love. in these photos i am seen in fayetteville, nc, tampa, fl, savannah, ga, nashville, tn, manchester, tn, and orlando, fl! i am blessed with having the freedom to explore every weekend, and i always make sure to try and take advantage of that. 

HUGE NEWS: i stayed persistent (and with the help of christopher) hopeful in my desires and pursuit of getting a job near my sweetheart. and i am proud to announce that on september 6th, i am driving west towards christopher and a new job! i am so so eager to be in a short distance relationship and all the joy that comes with that!

expect more posts soon!!



One Response to “back at it”

  1. Kimberly Cale July 13, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    So happy and so proud! Can’t wait to visit you in Tennessee and Kentucky! <3

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