Christopher’s Proposal

9 Aug

My dear happy readers: on July 27th 2014, the love of my life – Christopher – asked for my hand in marriage! And here I am to tell the story to those of you who were curious/ I want to tell the story again.

So, on July 21st, it was Christopher and I’s two year dating anniversary. He sent me a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers (which was adorable and heartfelt because years ago, sunflowers were the first bouquet he sent me!), and told me that I would be getting my actual presents in Paris! (After my return from Africa in January, Christopher and I quickly planned a summer vacation to Paris, France just because) I was pretend upset because I had been eagerly awaiting presents, but you know, I kept it together because we were going to Paris so soon!

Eventually it was July 26th and Christopher and I drove up the eastern seaboard to Newark airport (driving there saved us about $1000 on plane tickets!) and were having our last American dinner for a while in a Chili’s at the airport. He said, “I have the first part of your anniversary present!” and I quickly asked if Chili’s was the correct location for this upcoming outpouring of love, and he said yes. He rooted around his bag and pulled out a piece of paper, which he handed to me. It was reservations for a fancy dinner sunset boat cruise on the Seine River in Paris!! I rejoiced! I looked at the date, and it was for the very next night. I became anxious because I am a bad traveller and I hoped I had enough energy to stay up that late on our first night in Paris! But, Christopher pointed out, he had told me then so I would try really hard to sleep on the airplane (if you know me, you know this is a huge feat for me). But either way, I was so excited!! Ready to get there, dress up, and have our first tour of Paris by river and delicious cuisine and live music!

We arrived in Paris the next day, and after running around the streets of our lovely Air BNB hotel looking for toilet paper (I had almost given up before we started because nearly everything in Europe is closed on Sundays – but we were successful!), I headed to wash the journey off of me and get dolled up in one of the fancy dresses I had packed. After I got out of the shower, Christopher called from the other room that he had another one of my anniversary presents ready! What? I thought, but I walked to his voice anyway. On our dining room table was a giant, crisp Burberry box. I looked at him with a look that conveyed “you’ve got to be kidding me” and “OMG OMG OMG.” As he stood there with anticipation and/or love (I was pretty focused on the box), I opened the beautiful box and wrapping to find an amazing navy blue dress waiting for me. I put it on, and it fit perfectly. Classic in its cut, it hit at my knees and was structured in a way that was timeless. I stared at myself in the mirror as Christopher went on about how he searched high and low and how he knew this one would be perfect. He also said I looked like Kate Middleton, the ultimate compliment. He was spot on with the sizing as well! Looks like I had my Paris dinner boat cruise dress! And Christopher, with his detail-oriented mind had packed his matching navy blue jacket. We looked great.


So, I put on a pair of heels which I had brought along (good work me) and we trekked to our nearest metro stop and took the metro across town to the Eifel Tower! Where I took this fantastic very vogue picture of Christopher:


The boat cruise was lovely and we had our first taste of fancy French cuisine. I also loved the boat cruise because you weren’t allowed on if you were wearing jeans or tennis shoes (which I realize is mean of me, but hey). At our table we had three bottles of wine (what) and many courses. The day was beautiful and it was just the most romantic evening finally sitting still after all those hours of travelling across the world. We took a few cute pictures while the sun was still up, but little did I know the best part of my day was still coming!



As it got dark, I could notice Christopher was a little distracted. But I just wrote it off to jetlag and him being tired. Either way, I was wholly surprised when he said, “I have another part of your anniversary gift.” In my always snarky attitude I said something along the lines of, “seriously? So many presents! You’re making me feel bad.” (Don’t worry, I did get him an adorable anniversary gift package – I’m not the worst) But I quickly changed my demeanor because I sensed something was up and also I love him. Out of his pocket he pulled a little black felt bag. He handed it to me and I poured out a handful of scrabble tiles. (This is adorable and significant because a couple of years ago, when I decided I loved him and wanted to tell him in an adorable way, I used scrabble tiles to spell out “I love you Christopher Samuel!” and I included a bunch of adorable love quotes to read with the tiles.) He told me to solve the puzzle! He also told me I was good at solving puzzles, so then it was a challenge and I had to. Anyway, it spelled out “I love you” – precious! And once I had solved it, he read a quote corresponding to each tile. The quotes came from some of our favorite songs and poems and movies – two from My Chemical Romance, one from the movie Enchanted, and other adorable wonderful sources. It was all too sweet. But this was really when I honed in on something going on. Handsome Christopher was shaking while he read the quotes and was saying “wow” a lot, a lot more than usual haha. (We say wow a lot!) When he had finished reading the quotes he said “now flip the tiles over!” Which I did and the tiles spelled out “Marry Me?” and my handsome, wonderful then-boyfriend was down on his knee beside me and holding my hands. His eyes were watering up and he was telling me all about how long he had loved me and how all he wanted was to spend the rest of his life with me and many other sweet sweet things that I can’t remember because I was just over the moon happy. Somewhere in there I said YES! And he handed me the most perfect ring I have ever seen and we kissed and hugged and laughed and the whole boat erupted in applause and kind words and love. It struck me how much these strangers were just so sweet and loving. Christopher couldn’t have done a more wonderful job.





We went back to our apartment, Facetimed with my family who pulled out a bottle of champagne and toasted to us, and called everyone else we deemed needed to know that moment and then we spent the rest of the week enjoying each other’s company and love in the streets of Paris! It really was lovely to have that time together with no distractions. It was an absolutely perfect vacation. And I have the most absolutely perfect fiancé!


xoxo, annie


3 Responses to “Christopher’s Proposal”

  1. Kimberly Cale August 9, 2014 at 9:16 am #

    Such a beautiful story for such a beautiful couple! <3 I love you!

  2. Marilyn Niernberger August 9, 2014 at 11:24 am #

    OH MY! What a “special” way to propose!!Congratulations. The ring is perfect and so are both of you, Anastasia and Christopher. Happy tears. ( You know how I always have to cry..)

  3. Jeanette Cannon August 11, 2014 at 8:43 am #

    Wow, only way to say it and wish all the best to two people that deserve it. Now we can look forward to the wedding and we can again celebrate. My love to you both. Aunt Jeanette

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