that one time i did a juice cleanse

3 Sep

listening to: no shows by gerard way (and then action cat by gerard way, and then repeating both of them)

i’ve been meaning to write this blog for ages but some other (cough, engagement, wedding planning, moving, cough) things have been holding onto my attention lately. but here i am with lots of time on my hands which has enabled me to catch up on the finer things in life such as recounting my juice cleanse to the interwebz! 

SO! from july 21 to july 23 i willingly participated in a three day juice cleanse! believe it or not, it was the movie her which inspired me to look into juice cleansing. it is a very small scene in the movie where the characters are in the elevator to their apartments and they are discussing the benefits of juicing vs just eating fruits and vegetables. so, i began to research, and basically my findings concluded a few things: removing the fiber in hyper nutrient rich fruits and vegetables allows the nutrients to be absorbed more quickly into your bloodstream and removing the fiber and just drinking the juice of the produce gives your stomach a much deserved break in this world of preservation and artificial ingredients.  additionally, at the end of the week that i was planning my cleanse for, i was going to be seeing christopher and heading to paris, so i wanted to look good and feel better! 

first, i researched purchasing juice cleanses online, and to do a three day juice cleanse and have it delivered to your door runs around $200. NOPE. so then i researched simply buying a juicer and all of the ingredients. a got a juicer with high reviews off of amazon for about $100 and bought the ingredients for myself around $50. so now i have the ability to make juice whenever, and am able to support local produce! a win and a win! i googled “DIY three day cleanse” and settled on this cleanse:

now it was time to get started.

IMG_6609  IMG_6624IMG_6625


the rules were pretty simple: just drink the juices you make for three days. every night i would make the juices for the following day. here are my take aways:

1) my juicer is an absolutely amazing piece of equipment. i was kind of obsessed with just using the juicer. definitely a great purchase! (and only one part on the juicer isn’t dish washer friendly, so it’s not even a pain to clean)
2) i wasn’t hungry the whole three days. strange, right? i missed the action of chewing for sure, but my stomach didn’t grumble until the end of day three. i was drinking pretty constantly through the three days in order to stay on schedule so i never had time (or room in my tummy) to be hungry.
3) my skin cleared up, it was fantastic.
4) my stomach didn’t hurt at all, ever. it was such a nice break. the moment i had a bite of food after the cleanse my stomach responded in loud noises of protest.
5) drinking the juices made me feel good. like my body knew i was doing it a favor and it was able to take a little vacation.
6) my only complaint is that i did not have ANY energy to do the two a day workouts i was used to. it took almost everything out of me to not pass out on a little three mile run. so, don’t do this cleanse if you need your body to preform at strenuous activities. 

all in all, i loved it! i plan to do another after i settle in my new place in tennesee :)



3 Responses to “that one time i did a juice cleanse”

  1. Susan @ Travel Junkette September 9, 2014 at 9:45 am #

    Aw YAY, Anastasia! So glad you liked the cleanse. Also, I just read your proposal story — and it is SO cute. Congrats!

  2. how to unclog bowl September 28, 2014 at 12:54 am #

    I constantly spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s content
    daily along with a cup of coffee.

    • Anastasia Kristina October 1, 2014 at 10:10 am #

      thanks for the support! maybe i’ll write a little more to aid your coffee drinking :)

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