august wedding planning wrap-up

4 Sep

dear readers,

the moment christopher and i arrived home from paris, we began our wedding planning process. i am blessed that he is as much of a planner as i am, so our long drive to north carolina from newark airport was full of calling both of our moms, emailing the venues we were interested in, and scheduling an appointment at the BHLDN in houston. 

before christopher even proposed to me, we had already discussed places we wanted to get married in, because – i guess- sometimes you just know. last march, vanderbilt medical school held their annual cadaver ball at marathon music works in nashville. the moment we entered the building, we looked at each other, and decided right then and there we wanted our wedding reception there. there was something about the music venue style and exposed brick walls dressed up with hanging fabric and chandeliers that we just adored. and luckily, they were available for our wedding date! score! on a walk around the vanderbilt campus one day in the spring, we wandered to the benton chapel on campus, and loved it as well. a modern, all faith chapel with rainbow stain glass – perfect! and they had an opening as well! 

while i was in uganda, christopher sent me a copy of the southern weddings magazine, and i quickly devoured all of the photos, vendors, and ideas. inside, they had featured many wedding planners and photographers. i’m so lucky we get to work with amber and jessica from amber housley weddings and ariel as our photographer! i’m counting down the days until next week when i finally get to meet them all in person instead of over google hangout or the telephone! so, with the help of our friendprofessionals, our loving parents, and friends, christopher and i are in good hands for the best day ever!

two weeks after we returned from paris, we headed to houston for a long weekend! christopher’s parents and a good deal of lifelong friends of theirs live in houston – and even before we went to paris, christopher had bought me a ticket to houston over the summer so we could all visit. little did i know, i was the only one who didn’t know about the proposal (as it should be lol) and christopher’s wonderful mommy had planned two engagement parties while we were there! one in houston with their friends, and one in dallas with christopher’s extended family! i finally got to meet his grandma and more cousins! also, christopher’s family extended their gratitude to my mommy as well, so she was able to take part in the fun as well!



here we are before the festivities began at the wallace household in houston!




and here we are enjoying the beautiful toasts from the wallace/mayes/harshfield family in the harshfield’s home in dallas!




and then the part my mommy, my future mommy-in-law, and i were looking forward to the most! a bridal appointment at the houston BHLDN! it was magical, and yes, i said yes to the dress :) (quickly, actually, it was the first gown i tried on!)

and of course we let the bridesmaids and groomsmen know they were going to get to be part of the best day ever: 

IMG_7171 IMG_6877


and while i visited with my family in tampa over labor day, my mommy and i went engagement photo shoot dress shopping at the hyde park anthropologie! (and said yes to that dress there too!)


it’s been an exciting wedding planning filled month! the great news is everyone has wonderful and has been supportive and great. thankfully with amber and jessica, i have no worries about the next ten months! also, they sent me the cutest little present the other week:

Processed with Moldiv

such love!



2 Responses to “august wedding planning wrap-up”

  1. Kimberly Cale September 4, 2014 at 10:38 am #

    Such a perfect beginning! I love you! <3

  2. Debbie September 4, 2014 at 3:31 pm #

    Such a fun August! We are so thrilled!!!

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