friday favorite

5 Sep

dear all,

in a push to help me remember to blog more regularly, i am introducing friday favorite! this will be a segment where i discuss one of my favorite things so that maybe you can partake too and we can share the happiness!

tomorrow i am leaving fayetteville and driving all the way to tennessee to finally complete my big move! of course i am going to miss my darling friends and colleagues, but the material thing that i am going to miss most is…


so, the very first friday favorite will be the barbeque hut. the first bbq i’ve ever had in my life was when i lived in north carolina as a little girl and my family would frequent the barbeque hut restaurant on fort bragg road. i’ve lived in texas, and experienced their kind of bbq, but north carolina bbq will always be closest to my heart. it’s a family favorite, and when i walk in the doors of the restaurant as an adult now i still feel like i did as a little girl – super excited and eager for a classic north carolina treat. whenever my mom visits me, she always shows up on my doorstep with a bag from barbeque hut as well – maybe it’s her fault i’m in such love!


a few of my favorite parts of my friday favorite:
1) there is a sign below the menu that says “if you are on the phone you will not be waited on!” food is taken seriously here.
2) although they ask if you want coleslaw on your sandwich, i think you’d get a dirty look if you said no.
3) their crushed ice is teeny and their sweet tea will keep you up for three days
4) the last time i went there for lunch the patrons were from all backgrounds, all ages, and all genders. just true-blue barbeque hut lovers like myself.

so if you’re stationed at fort bragg, or passing through, i highly recommend you check out the bbq hut! 

my go to meal: small bbq pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw, hush puppies, banana pudding, and a sweet tea!



One Response to “friday favorite”

  1. Kimberly Cale September 6, 2014 at 6:20 am #

    Delish! I forgot about the affect of the sweet tea, but I do love it! And I will miss BBQ Hut too!

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