welcome to tennessee!

14 Sep

dear everyone,

as of tomorrow i will have had furniture and a new apartment for one whole week!! i cannot wait to share more pictures of my new place, but for now i am waiting on a bookshelf i purchased with christopher yesterday in green hills. (yippee!!!!! i am slowly, but surely, buying pieces of solid beautiful furniture to replace walmart and target bought starter pieces) and i can hardly believe it!

here are a few highlights for my first week:

1) the move! of course! so, i was assuming that i would have six people unloading my things, since i had six people pack my things. so i bought a dozen donuts for them, only for me to have two movers and many left over donuts.

2) home depot. just in general. i was able to buy all of my window treatments (i picked as few windows as i could because, boy golly, those things are expensive lol), a washer and dryer, a refrigerator, and all sorts of bathroom hooks and toilet paper holders and dowel rods. everyone was super helpful and pleasant, and i was able to catch a few good deals! additionally, christopher loves home depot and all things building related. he bought some new drill bits and installed all of my window treatments – what a guy!


3) rare bird antique mall! i made the journey to goodletsville to do a little antiquing and i found the most charming little table for my entry way!

photo 1photo 2

4) tennessean! so since i turned 16 i’ve been a driver’s license holder for pennsylvania. i’ve remained such for ages since my parents lived there and it was easy to just renew the license or whatever whenever i came home for holidays. in the past year, they’ve moved to florida so suddenly maintaining my pa plates and license hasn’t been so easy. so i’ve taken this opportunity of being in one state for the next three years, and have become a tennessee plate and license holder! no more expired card! yay!


5) amber housley wedding planning! christopher and i were finally able to meet amber and jessica in person down in the gulch of nashville! they were charming and sweet and kind, just as they have been over email and google hangout and all other correspondence! we were able to go through our broad vision for our special day, and even delved into the design aspects of our day! they were lovely and even brought us the sweetest candle as a warm welcoming gift. we are lucky ducks to be in such talented hands!

6) a short distance relationship. today when christopher left my apartment he said “i’ll see you tomorrow” and then we stopped and savored in the moment of that realization. about dang time. after two years of long distance dating, christopher and i are a little less than a 30 minute drive from each other. it’s absolutely amazing. i don’t think it’ll really hit me until i start working again, but it is so magical regardless. this weekend we were able to go on a double breakfast date with one of christopher’s friends here and her boyfriend, and i even got to go to a party with everyone! i am finally part of the life i’ve watched and heard about for the last year, and it’s so wonderful!

tomorrow i’m trying out the local crossfit gym, and going to watch christopher’s intramural softball team play after his day at the hospital! it might sounds mundane to you, but it’s absolute heaven to me.

and the bonus is: i still have another week off before i report!



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