i start work tomorrow! and other things

21 Sep

dear world,

hello! well, tomorrow i begin inprocessing at fort campbell and will be on my way to being a working woman again. i have wholly enjoyed having this time off to cook dinners with christopher, go to his softball games after work, and meet new people and visit new places! but, i’m ready to learn a new job and do what the government is paying me to do. which definitely isn’t following around my fiance and baking cookies. but it’s been fun :)

big news though: yesterday christopher and i did our wedding registry shopping! we opted to use the in-store-scanner instead of the app for our phones (because it was more fun) and took on william sonoma and macy’s. and then later i got a notification from jessica, one of our wedding planners, THAT ANTHROPOLOGIE now does wedding registries!! it’s like heaven! anyway, with our dream-shopping finished, we are happy to unveil our wedding website!!


on a more serious note: so although i don’t know the specifics about the ray rice spouse abuse situation, but here is what i do know: i cannot stand when someone posts a status about the situation and all of the comments are along the lines of “well if she had made him a sandwich…” or “well if she wasn’t late…” ARE YOU SERIOUS? i understand that potentially these are just jokes (which i do not condone), but what does that say about you? if you are joking about a serious problem, do you understand what that says about you? that you don’t take sexism or abuse seriously. i wish people would think more about their actions.

i will leave you on a lighter note:

i purchased a real piece of furniture last week! replacing my $15 walmart brand bookshelf, which barely survived this move, was this beautiful piece from nadeau in nashville:


and last night, i had my first gathering at my new apartment! we celebrated christopher’s 24th birthday and invited our friends in the area and my new neighbors! it was lovely and i was happy to have everyone in one place :)


i hope you all are having a fabulous weekend and are looking forward to another great week!



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