autumn anthem

9 Nov

i love fall.

this time last year i was in beautiful, although equatorial, uganda and i missed the charm of a nice east coast fall.

on my all time list of top ten favorite activities is running during the fall. and today, i made sure to do that with the sun bright and warm and the air in the shade chilly and crisp. so today, i brought my phone along to take a couple of pictures to share the beauty that is surrounding my home right now!


as i was running along, happy as a clam, and realized something: the next time fall rolls around, i’ll be a married woman! this doesn’t really affect my running or the changing of seasons, but it’s an exciting thought. once it warms up again, it’ll nearly be wedding time!


and as an added bonus, when i ran by one of the cow pastures, there were baby cows laying in the field!!! so much beauty everywhere, all the time.


and a row of bright red leaves near my place!


i’m so happy to be home for the upcoming holiday season, and as my last as a single lady – i’m going to make sure i really take in all that’s around me and try to make things extra special with my family.

sorry for my post lacking any literary substance, but i wanted to share the beauty that’s right outside my door!



One Response to “autumn anthem”

  1. Kimberly Cale November 9, 2014 at 3:47 pm #

    Such beauty from a beautiful writer! <3 There are some autumn colors here in Florida, in the wild marshy conservation areas. Yellows and reds, but nothing compared to your KY/TN colors!

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