five things that made me smile today

19 Nov

in honor of hump day, here are some of my favorite happy things from today:

1. listening to the new beta radio album, “colony of bees.”
oh my goodness, it’s been too long since they’ve put out new music, and this one is incredible. it brings back memories of years ago and the sweet scent of fall. i’m not sure why, but beta radio seems like the most perfect fall music in the world. so go and take a listen! (it’s on spotify and itunes!)


2. my office
i’ve been so so happy with my new work place. the people are great and the job is fun and exciting. today one of my coworkers gave me all of the purple skittles from the pack. and another gave me adult advice about insurance plans. additionally i was given the nickname “rogue operator” because i was creating a webpage that wasn’t in line with the old versions. so many laughs!!

3. cinnamon
while i was at the store the other day, i smelled the most amazing aroma – cinnamon! i followed my nose through the plant and flower section, and wound up at a box full of cinnamon brooms. i’m not exactly sure their purpose. but i bought one and now my place smells like perfect cinnamon. i walked in my apartment today and was ready to start decking the halls! i can’t wait to throw my holiday party!!

4. headlights 
driving home from work today, i looked over my shoulder back on the road i had turned off of – and there was a long line of people leaving work as well. but since the sun had already set, there was a long line of bright white lights stringing along the road. they were like christmas lights :) and i cannot wait for christmas!!

5. bunnies
i’ve recently become obsessed with ebay! i used to be super skeptical about it, but lately i’ve started bidding and getting incredible deals on awesome items. either way – i found the perfect christmas plate for christopher (my bunny) and i:


and now our bunny plate is located beside my grandma’s old oil lamp and my car keys on the way out the door! perfect!



One Response to “five things that made me smile today”

  1. Stephanie Alban November 19, 2014 at 10:26 pm #

    I love how you keep positive! Those are great reasons why to smile :). My favorite is the bunny plate, it’s adorable!

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