a few things you might not know about me

14 Dec

hello everyone! just came back from a lovely weekend with my sweetie, who was my date to my winter formal for work! we had it at the gaylord opryland hotel in nashville, so it was a little crazy! they have a whole indoor garden situation going on, it reminded me a lot of an indoor (and smaller) disneyland.


it was a lovely night, and then we brunched at fido, which is always a winner (sweet potato french toast, hello!)

but in keeping with the title of this post, here are some things you might not know about me:

1) i talk to myself when i’m alone. i think it stems more from my love of talking and less from there being something wrong with me. maybe i just like to hear the sound of my own voice lol

2) i can’t take people seriously who wear running shoes with any outfit that isn’t fitness related. i’m ruthless with my clothing based judgements.

3) i’m a sucker for greeting strangers. i very much believe we are all in “this” together! this being living in the world.

4) i get irrationally upset when bystanders whine about anything out of their control. so let me set the scene:

christopher and i stayed at the gaylord opryland hotel after our formal was over with. we knew that it was going to be a busy situation. first of all, the opryland hotel is renowned for their christmas decorations, ice display, and the rockettes were preforming last night as well. so when we faced over an hour of traffic to drive about two miles, we tried to keep our heads level about arriving late to the ball. when we were checking in, the receptionist let us know that all of the rooms were booked. the place was huge! there were tons of people haha but thankfully, due to all that traffic, everyone else was late to the ball too, so it hadn’t started when we arrived and we even had time to get our photos taken :)

anyway, fast forward to the next morning and christopher and i were standing in (yet another) line to get our car back from the valet parking service. we were in line maybe about 15 minutes, but i deemed it fair knowing the sheer amount of people leaving the hotel. behind us were two men who were griping and complaining at the top of their lungs (probably hoping that an employee would hear them) to each other about how “this was the worst trip we’ve ever gone on” “we didn’t get to any of the things we wanted to” “it took us 4 hours to get here on friday” “i shouldn’t have to wait in line since i got marriot awards” “we are never coming back here” “i’m going to go find my own car” “this place is mismanaged” and then when one of them got to the valet window, informed the poor attendant working about all of his complaints. did he understand the valet was doing the very best they could? that they have no control over their bad weekends? that they probably hate having to listen to customers complain, especially since they have no control over the sheer number of people at the hotel? what did they expect coming to such a place right before christmas? who even are you? you’re wearing sweatpants and running shoes! sloppy! it took everything i had, and christopher’s calming presence, not to turn around and address these men (who were at least 20 years older than me) and say “you are acting like children and should be ashamed of yourselves.” self righteous and entitled. my least favorite combo.

anyway, christopher and i made sure to be courteous and kind to our valet and give him a nice tip. especially with the knowledge that his next car-owner probably will be frustrated and take it out on them.

so, i guess here is my appeal:

we should all try a little harder to be kind to the strangers in our lives, because we never know what they’re going through or how you’re going to impact them.
(also sorry if that’s hypocritical based on the last few of my posts, but there’s always time to turn over a new leaf!)

happy holidays! and i hope everyone is enjoying their last full week of work before christmas!



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