three quick things (before work)

19 Dec

listening to: harmony is real: songs for a happy holiday by the living sisters

hi everyone! i had a quick three things i wanted to say before i take off for work (which is the last day of work before i take some time off for christmas and new years! yay!)

1) yesterday christopher and i shopped on 21st street and 12 south in nashville through all of the little small businesses looking for local and wonderful and unique gifts. it did not disappoint! i want to brag about some of the things we found, but we have to wait for the recipients to receive them!! but i did get this great hat (classic impulse buy):


2) yesterday my southern weddings wedding planner arrived!! i had been searching for a beautiful planner full of happy words and love for a few months and finally settled on making my own. but then! southern weddings announced theirs and it’s perfect. i can hardly believe we are getting married in six months! if you’re newly engaged/want a beautiful book to document your wedding planning process, go and get this! there’s lots of things for both the bride and groom to add, and it focuses on making a beautiful marriage after your beautiful wedding! yay! i had to force myself to close it last night, i would have stayed up all night filling it out if i didn’t have work today! love!


3) i discovered an amazing band named the living sisters. AND THEY HAVE AN AMAZING HOLIDAY ALBUM! i don’t know how they only have 500 followers on spotify, they need a million. please take a listen to their rendition of my favorite christmas song:

everyone have a wonderful friday!!!!!



3 Responses to “three quick things (before work)”

  1. Jack Powell December 19, 2014 at 3:41 pm #

    Have you selected a hotel for guest and is there a code for a group rate?

  2. Marilyn Niernberger December 19, 2014 at 5:32 pm #

    Thanks for sharing!!! Miss you. Merry Christmas to Christopher!

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