life update and also, a few of my thoughts on feminism

25 Jan

hello everyone!

well, this is my first blog post as a twenty five year old! i can’t even believe it! it was my birthday on monday, and i couldn’t be happier with my life.

first off, a quick photographic life update:

IMG_8909 IMG_8965

two of my closest girlfriends, dev and kit, and i met up in asheville over the mlk long weekend! we realized that asheville was a little under five hours from each of us, and realizing we hadn’t visited each other in a while, decided to meet up there for a fun and beer filled weekend! it was so so much fun and i’m so lucky to have such wonderful women in my life!

IMG_9001 IMG_9018

i drove home and a few hours later, christopher picked me up and brought me to a wonderful, delicious, lovely birthday dinner at the city winery! christopher treated me like a princess (as always), showed up to my door with flowers, and even let me put a bow on his head when i was opening presents! so excited to marry him in june!


lastly, i used some of my birthday money to retire my favorite little black boots in the world. i bought them a few years ago with my darling friend christa in nyc in a lovely vintage shop. so they were already old. but after many years of me wearing them everywhere, the grommets fell off, the sole detached from the rest of the shoe, and the heel wore so far down you could see the nails haha. so i bought a new pair! they don’t have as much character, but they’re beautiful and comfortable and will last ages. also, it snowed friday night!!! the first time i’ve awoken to a snow covered scene since i’ve moved to tennessee! it was gorgeous – so i went on a run in it before the sun melted it all away! gorgeous!

AND NOW on to a few of my thoughts on feminism:

last week, i was watching the state of the union and felt the need to tweet the below tweet:

if you don’t know how twitter works, when you begin a hashtag it auto fills with what is trending on twitter at the moment. so when i began typing #feminism, i saw what the twitter sphere really thinks of feminism. and i was taken aback and appalled.

can we stop for a second and think about this? i learned in school the worst way to start an essay is with a definition so here’s a definition (from merriam-webster dictionary) :

Feminism - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary Google Chrome, Today at 1.55.51 PM

what about this is awful? which part of this definition brings so much controversy? there are very very very few jobs where women are paid the same amount of money as men for performing the same job. in fact, the paycheck fairness act continually isn’t passed in congress, not a single republican voting for it. my question is, how to do those congressmen and women (!!!!!!) go home to their daughters and explain why they aren’t enabling them the equal rights when they join the work force. despicable.

at work the other day one of my soldiers was making fun of another because his wife made more money than he did. i immediately joined the conversation:
“wait, why are you making fun of him?”
“because he’s a man.”
“that’s hardly an argument. for a second, humor me. wouldn’t you like it if your wife made more money?”
“well, yeah”
“and wouldn’t it be neat if she was able to have a job, which would put less pressure on you?”
(another soldier) “i would love it if i could stay home and raise our kids more!”

it’s such an easy argument to win. i haven’t met anyone that doesn’t willingly admit they would like to not have the pressure of providing for their whole family on their own. yesterday, after chris and i saw the imitation game (highly recommend it) we were discussing all of the different aspects of social commentary in it. one of which was the feminist perspective. i started trying to list the reasons why people still are pushing back the thought of equality. maybe all some people have is the dominance they feel by having a subservient wife/girlfriend/spouse after a long day of being brought down by the man at work. it just makes me so so sad. i want to know my children will be born in a world where they can do whatever they want, and be treated the same way as everyone else. it’s an incredible concept.

secondly, i’m so lucky to be engaged to christopher, who both encourages my thoughts and treasures them. he listens and helps build my arguments and respects my dreams as a future reality, not as the dreams i still believe them to be. yesterday, he gave me the most thoughtful present:


this is a key chain representing the un resolution 1325 which enumerated the vital importance of women’s equality when dealing with peace time and wartime operations. here’s the official write-up from the UN website:

The resolution reaffirms the important role of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts, peace negotiations, peace-building, peacekeeping, humanitarian response and in post-conflict reconstruction and stresses the importance of their equal participation and full involvement in all efforts for the maintenance and promotion of peace and security. Resolution 1325 urges all actors to increase the participation of women and incorporate gender perspectives in all United Nations peace and security efforts. It also calls on all parties to conflict to take special measures to protect women and girls from gender-based violence, particularly rape and other forms of sexual abuse, in situations of armed conflict. The resolution provides a number of important operational mandates, with implications for Member States and the entities of the United Nations system.”

such a thoughtful gift that will keep me thinking and focused on the important issues in the world.

i hope everyone is looking forward to another great week to inspire and change the world!


also a few interesting articles on feminism and inequality in the workplace/world:


2 Responses to “life update and also, a few of my thoughts on feminism”

  1. shalela January 26, 2015 at 12:48 am #

    I love your blog … Thanks for informing us about the un resolution 1325. I had no idea what that was originally. I hope the planning for your wedding is going well.

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