masculinity in america: the mask you live in

27 Jan

hi friends! so, i think i posted about this up and coming documentary, “the mask you live in” months ago on facebook. at the very least i posted the trailer. well please watch it again:

a lot of people incorrectly assume that feminism is only a woman’s issue. but that could not be further from the truth. this documentary is an example of this. it isn’t only women who suffer from a society that has them cooped up in stereotypes and gender roles, men suffer as well.

i hate that at work i hear the words, “man up” or “don’t be such a girl” (but girl is subbed for a more inappropriate word) in passing while walking down the halls. i do my best to influence my soldiers, but i don’t have reign over everyone in my building (unfortunately, in this case). instead of thinking about how these statements could be damaging our youth, people just continue to repeat and repeat these phrases. i don’t think anyone intends on damaging men, but i do know that men expressing emotion is widely frowned on in our country. they are supposed to be strong and fearless and tough, but the problem with that is that everyone has emotions. why do we pretend men don’t have them?


anyway, i just a thought to hopefully permeate into your every day life. all i know is that i want all young people to know that their thoughts and emotions are valid, and i don’t want them to ever feel alone. we need to build a society that allows for this!

i swear i’ll write something more uplifting soon – i’ve just had a lot on my mind lately. but i very much cannot wait for this film to come out!



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