january wedding wrap up!

3 Feb

hello! in case you forgot (i’ve made sure that no one who is friends with me on social media has forgotten) christopher and i are getting married in june! i cannot believe it at all. but for those who have been interested, here are a few of the things christopher and i have taken care of in january!!



i had my first wedding dress fitting! it’s nearly impossible for me to contain myself from posting 21973910284 photos of my wedding dress (hint: it’s beautiful and perfect and just… wow), but instead i’ll post a sort-of shot of my shoes and some unmentionables :)



wow!!!!!!!!!! christopher and i designed my wedding ring a few weeks ago and i picked it up this weekend. it’s extra special because the diamonds are from christopher’s mommy’s original wedding band before she upgraded! so it’s extra special and beautiful and i can’t wait to wear it everyday.



christopher and i made a trip to michael’s this weekend for him to frame some of his artwork, and all of these little easels and tiny canvases were on sale! which was what we were looking for to make our table numbers for the wedding! this way, we can show our love of art and love of painting to our guests as well. perfect!

and here are a couple of other things that i wanted to share:



thanks to my little brother sending me a snap chat of the perfect candy bar, i have discovered the perfect candy bar. if you’re on a diet or something just quit it for a few hundred calories and enjoy the perfect combination of chocolate and almonds and marshmallow and caramel. amazing.



christopher and i went out to a date night at the tin angel in the west end in nashville (which was delicious and so much fun and had a big fireplace and brick walls and floor and was only a 5 minute walk from christopher’s apartment) and i did a neat braid with my hair. that is the point of this photo.

i figured that i could craft a post with lots of pictures and nothing really worth saying to take a break from my last couple of more intense posts. i’ll be back with something remarkable next time!



2 Responses to “january wedding wrap up!”

  1. Jack February 4, 2015 at 6:18 am #

    You two have such imagunatiin, love and sparkling spontaneous energy. Please don’t let “life” take over after the wedding and the ordinariousness and comfortability of turning into the next great married couple. Many believe, and I know it is so important keep the spark alive at least once a month. Date Night sounds so cliche, but in reality it can slip into one of the things ” we just had too much to do” and you arrive at your 5 year anniversary and discover that except from visitung family, you have not taken a ” mini-honeymoon” since the first one. Work, school, studies, making a home and even grocery shopping can turn a romance into a comfortable but dull love life. I challange you two to be the shining example others are drawn to as you juggle all the aspects of your soon to be life, but find yourself still regularly finding yourself holding hands in the grocery, kissing in the shower and having at least one romantic trip each year AND Date Night monthly. Remember, one month he makes all the plans and next month you plan. Don’t stress if the plans have to change at the last minute or the gourmet dining turns into Krystals sitting in the parking lot. Just recreate the life you have now regularly!

    • Anastasia Kristina February 4, 2015 at 8:51 am #

      jack, thanks so so much! this is such great advice and i really appreciate it :) i can’t wait!

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