on being yourself and some photos

17 Feb

hi everyone!

so believe it or not, christopher and i are getting married in 130 days! things are getting close and arrangements are becoming more tangible and my level of assumed stress has increased many fold. i spent hours of yesterday crafting our ceremony script and readings. my whole life i always thought i would get married in a catholic church in the typical catholic wedding mass. well, i am glad to say that is no longer the case! preparing to marry someone who wasn’t raised in the same faith base as me has required me to really think and discuss what i actually believe in – not simply in what i’ve been told to believe in growing up.

and now, instead of just going along with what has been done for centuries before me, the words said on my wedding day will come from my heart and by our creation –  not the words of someone else long before me. which i suppose does hold a sort of charm for others, but for me, when i spend every day trying to change the world, i’m more happy with having changed words as well.

along with that has been the writing of our vows. here i will share my most important vow:IMG_9282

lolololol (don’t worry, this vow will go unstated to keep the ceremony a little more meaningful.)

ANYWAY back to the title of this post. the older that i get, the more i understand the importance of being yourself. for the last four or so years, from the moment i vowed i would never change myself for a man, to gain a friend, or to advance myself, my life has been so full of joy. no longer having to check behind my back or to make sure i’m wearing the right thing, or posting the right thing for other’s satisfaction is such a weight off of my shoulders. lately, i’ve been patrolling the instagram world trying to make conclusions about the things people post and the things they say and the colors they use. and i very much do not believe that all of these people actually like the same things. maybe people are saying and doing certain things just to gain followers or likes or to create an image of themselves. it’s so easy to do online because you choose what you post about your life.

before i commissioned, people and other officers at school would try to tell me that i wouldn’t be able to stay so positive or stay “myself” in the army because people wouldn’t take me seriously or i would be worn down. just because i don’t fit the mold that the media/the past has made doesn’t mean that the world isn’t ready for someone with a little pep in their step and a smile on their face. just yesterday, i sent a selfie of me going for a walk in the snow to my nco, and he responded with a selfie of himself going for a walk in the snow. who says selfies don’t have a place in a professional environment? sometimes it’s so silly the frameworks we build for what should and shouldn’t be.

it’s nice not having to worry about gaining other’s approval anymore. because i know i can make it in this world just being myself.

and now, i wish to share a bunch of photos i’ve taken recently but haven’t posted anywhere – until today!!


here is a photo i took of a photo in a houston magazine over christmas break. i thought it was a beautiful photo and also caption!


here is a photo of a perfect ice cream rose at mcdougals down in the west end!


Here is a tray of perfectly browned marshmallows from when i made smores rice krispie treats the other day! so messy, but so yummy lol


and here, one of my favorite quotes which sums up my sentiments exactly.

happy snow day everyone!


2 Responses to “on being yourself and some photos”

  1. Kylie Jones February 17, 2015 at 2:32 pm #

    I wish I had a snow day! Annie, I love reading your posts. They are so simple yet true, so thoughtful yet so common sense. I can’t wait for your wedding and to see what an amazing day you have created! What was that thing about the mosquito in the wintertime? Haha.

    • Anastasia Kristina February 17, 2015 at 2:35 pm #

      Hahaha Kylie that must be the downer about living in an actually snowy place, no days off! I haven’t even seen a snow plow in the past two days lol also thank you so much for your kind words :) I really appreciate it!! And it was like “neato burrito mosquito in the wintertime” but I don’t remember the context lol

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