a few wise words i’ve been handed recently

28 Feb

hello everyone! so, i have continued to enjoy being facebook free! with all of this free time in my life, i have made room for many activities – so it has been quite lovely. anyway – in keeping with one of my life lenses (that is: believing everything that happens to me has an underlying sign or for a reason), i have had some lovely encounters lately.

today, at the nashville flea market, i had a lovely time wandering around all of the things for sale and eating more than i should have. of course i stopped at all of the stands where merchants were giving out free samples, and one of them was just amazing. there was a simple, one man booth, that had a bowl of tortilla chips and a row of five sauces that were all tennessee moonshine based. as i started sampling his bbq sauces and mustards (OMG level of good), i asked him how long it took him to perfect his recipe. from there he told me about how he is first a catering chef, and when he’d do barbecue for events people would ask for a cup of his sauce to take with them. so he decided on a lucrative side hustle – sauce production! but then the conversation took an interesting turn, he described how he disliked that people “decked out head to toe in camo” would come and buy his sauce only because of the moonshine tagline, but not because they actually enjoyed and appreciated food. i loved that. and then he began to explain how appreciating food has nothing to do with stereotypes or boundaries. probably a nod to my silly hat and silk dress i was wearing over leggings. so, thank you moonshine sauce company chef for making sure i know that food isn’t intended for only certain people – it’s for everyone. which i think can be applied to more than just sauces – it can be applied to life.

i bought two bottles of the spicy bbq sauce, as should all of you: http://www.moonshinebbqcompany.com/ (made locally in murfreesboro, tn!)


my second set of wise words come from my handsome fiance.

a couple of days ago we were sitting on my couch together and he turns and says to me (out of the blue):
i am so glad that you are pursuing your dreams

he then went on to explain a patient he had seen that dropped out of law school because her then-husband said she should since he could support them. then later they divorced and she forever regretted that she didn’t follow her dreams. christopher and i have been discussing my post-army plans a lot, which has included me finally deciding on a date to take my first GRE exam (starting early incase i don’t score as high as i want). it was super eerie clicking through the registration questions because one of them included the time period in which i wanted to start school again, and it actually had my goal month/year! it’s that soon that the GRE people are recognizing it as coming up and on the horizon! i am so lucky and overjoyed that my life partner is as excited about my future as i am!

speaking of the more recent future excitement, our wedding is in four months almost exactly! i picked up my wedding dress today from the seamstress, i can’t believe that things are getting so close! i cannot wait!! :D

i hope everyone is having a great weekend,



2 Responses to “a few wise words i’ve been handed recently”

  1. Kimberly Cale March 1, 2015 at 6:26 am #

    And I am so excited for you, too! Just have to know if there was a hint of a moonshine taste in the sauce? <3 I love you!

    • Anastasia Kristina March 1, 2015 at 8:22 am #

      I have never had straight moonshine before so I couldn’t say 100% what the delicious twist was, but I can assume that is it! When y’all come up here we will sample it together!! <3

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