tips on happiness one

5 Mar

hi everyone!

long ago, my little brother said to me that if i could truly figure out my secret to (near) constant happiness i could make a fortune. those who know me in person, know that i am a very happy being. i love life! so, i’ve decided to start posting random tips to my happiness that i thought the world might like to know! that way, you can see if they work for you too :)

1) running to the car in the rain

i know this is really silly (seeming) but a big part of being happy for me is not taking myself too seriously. today it was pouring and myself and a few of my coworkers were carpooling. i thought we would act like the adults we are and walk at a normal pace, getting soaked. but then one of us took off running to the car and the rest of us followed. we arrived at the truck breathless and laughing, with smiles on all of our faces. i’ve decided that the happiness derived from running to the car in the rain multiplies when you’re with your friends. once i ran to my car with my younger brother and a huge pizza we had just gone to pick up. nothing but laughs. this ties in with my second tip:

2) don’t take life too seriously, laugh at yourself

i laugh at myself all of the time. i frequently go to put my orange juice away in the cabinet in the refrigerator and every time that it happens i laugh. when the pizza i have put in the oven slides off of the pan and crashes on my kitchen floor? i laugh. whether i’m at work or at home or in the car, instead of getting infuriated when something out of my control happens, i laugh. there’s no reason to get angry or upset over the uncontrollable. also it puts a fun spin on life.


3) creating things

i love baking things, building things, painting things, assembling things, writing things, and really anything that creates something else. i’m not exactly sure why, but i think it comes from seeing that my own hands can make a new thing and it makes me very happy. so if you’re feeling blue, maybe bake a batch of cookies, or hang something on the wall. love it!



go forth and be happy!



One Response to “tips on happiness one”

  1. Cale Clan March 5, 2015 at 10:42 am #

    Hey Sasa,

    Wonderful thoughts – they make me Happy!

    Luv – Dazzy

    Sent from my iPhone


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