my friendship/girl party/bachelorette weekend in savannah

16 Mar


hi!!!!!! so, i apologize for not having written in a long time, but today i have a monumental reason to write! my maid of honor/permanent friend forever (pff) and her lovely sisters and mom threw me a super bachelorette/friendship weekend in savannah! since i am off of facebook, i will now use this platform to post more photos that i didn’t feel instagram needed to be overrun with. i am such a lucky person to be overrun with such fun and happiness and to be thought of in such a kind way. so without further ado, here are some more photos!


first of all i arrived to savannah to see my two favorites ever, kit and hoopie!!!!


everything was laid out so beautifully! this spread would make pinterest jealous.


i mean, look at these signs and adorable bedazzled water bottles and hand made hair ties!!!


one of my bridesmaids, dev, wasn’t able to make it and sent chocolate covered fruit bouquets in her stead! amaze!


our first night in savannah we allowed boys to attend, since mine atleast enabled us to travel 9 hours to make it to savannah lol


at the social club the green lighting turned christopher into a leprechaun lol


after an early morning jaunt around savannah, i encountered this gorgeous tree haha spring is here!

Processed with Moldiv

while waiting for breakfast (pancakes for anniecakes!!!!!!!) i took more photos of the decorations lol


artsy mimosa photo lolIMG_9822

hoopie then took an adorable photo or two of my sweetie and i


no makeup day drinking fueled by the bedazzled to-go cups and pink liquids lol


the morning crew was ready to set out!! incase you’re curious, savannah has an open container law. so what you could think is us being rebellious, isn’t us being rebellious at all hahaha


one of the pair of stone lions outside of kitty’s house lol


um, the highlight of the day was probably sitting in the park, passing around drinks and having deep discussions of feminism, our role in the world, and how everything is actually one. very deep, also fantastic. so nice to feel the sunshine after so much rain!IMG_9871

a photo of my sweetie being persuasive and adorable and also hoarding the champagne lol


we returned back to kitty’s to eat a bunch of carbs and pound some water in order to continue the party. also, i was finally able to sport my adorable sash and tiny tiara and also flower crown! also, before we headed out, i got to open all of those gorgeous gifts! my wonderful friends (both in savannah and atlanta) bought me the most beautiful little under garments and also a new bathrobe monogrammed with my new monogram! i’m so so lucky to be treated to such nice things!!!! i felt like such a princess haha


also, one of my oldest/favoritest friends laura met up with us, so of course we went to see her gorgeous new apartment downtown! love it!


had to take an angsty photo of my fave lady friends in front of a brick wall haha


screenshotted one of my favorite hoopie snap chats over the weekend. my hashtag was #raisingcale but that autocorrected to cake and that’s totally fine lol


here’s a photo that happened of christopher and i posing on the stone lions haha

in conclusion, i would like to thank my friends, the ball sisters, lil moo, savannah, and my handsome fiance/chauffeur for making this weekend happen!!! i am such a lucky girl and had just the best time!!

happy st. patricks day everyone!



2 Responses to “my friendship/girl party/bachelorette weekend in savannah”

  1. Chathri Ali March 20, 2015 at 4:35 pm #

    Hi Anastasia – I found you via Southern Weddings and would love to chat about doing a giveaway on your blog. I’m the cofounder of Tempo Tonight, an all natural hangover remedy that works! Please email me when you get a chance. Thanks and have a superb weekend!

    • Anastasia Kristina March 22, 2015 at 2:22 pm #

      Chathri, hi! I would be interesting with talking to you as well! Your product seems really neat! I’m not sure what your email is, however!

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