my daddy

27 Mar

dear world,

today is my daddy’s birthday!!!!! here he is, at the ripe age of 36, as documented in my scrapbook from when i was in elementary school:


my daddy and i have an interesting relationship. he’s taught me many things growing up, and although he was often away for work, the times he was at home remain vivid in my mind. for example, here is one of my favorite photos of us during one of our family football christmas day games (this was back when daddy still had hope nicholas would follow in his football playing footsteps lol):


dad is here being silly with his shoe pose, and mom was still rocking big beautiful hair, and nicholas was and still is the most adorable person in the world.

so here is one of the most important things my dad ever did for me:

when our family flew away to germany back in 2002 this is the outfit i rocked:


i thought it was perfect for travel. kept my warms long, but if my feet were too hot, i’d be ok with the sandals, and orange is clearly the best color for my complexion. i was awkward and entering seventh grade in a brand new school that was grade seven through twelve. on top of having no friends, all of the people at school already seemed to have cliques. i felt like i was the only new one, and it really took a toll on my self confidence (already i was feeling awkward growing into my gangly body). well, at patch american high school, we were allowed to go off campus for lunch! that was about the coolest thing ever.

anyway. you know what my dad did for the first few months for school? my dad would meet me outside over my lunch break and eat lunch with me on a bench outside in the crisp german air. awkward little me, siting beside my uniformed father, timidly waving at people i thought i knew as they walked by. i appreciate this so much more now that i’m in the army as well, and i know it’s so hard to get away from work but my dad managed to meet me nearly every day until i found my own place at school (which interestingly enough was in my german teacher’s classroom playing chess with the other outcasts haha).

those months of kindness from my father taught me two very important lessons: to be kind, and to be brave!

kind of like cinderella!

dear daddy, i love you and happy birthday! thank you for teaching me to speak my mind and be bold, but at the same time to be kind to others. it’s always worth your time to say hi to the lonely person!



One Response to “my daddy”

  1. Cale Clan March 27, 2015 at 9:20 am #

    Hey Sasa,

    What a wonderful birthday present. I’ll always cherish our times together thru the years. And look forward to many more. Luv – Dazzy

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