update and spring

15 Apr

dear all,

so sorry for my lack of online presence lately (except for my instagram feed, as you’ll notice it’s racked up many photos since i last wrote here). work has been super busy, and when it comes to the weekend i want to stay away from my computer because it just reminds me of work haha. due to a series of unfortunate events, my number one boss is about to retire and he was replaced by a person under him who recently broke his hip, and my other peer has deployed, so it leaves me to be in charge. and to also make sure things don’t fall apart in my actual office and job. needless to say it’s a little hectic, but I felt drawn to write to my abstract and unknown online audience.

this morning i went on a run up and down the hills and fields that surround my apartment. it has been raining continually all week, but this has only encouraged the spring time growth. two weeks ago I was cursing tennessee and it’s pollen, but now that my sinuses have cleared and i can smell again, i’m so happy to be here. the air this morning was heavy with rain but sweet with the wildly blooming daffodils and other flowers (i’m no botanist). it was an invigorating run, full of hope and new life, which is fitting considering that our wedding is coming up! almost only two months to go!

christopher and i  did our final meal tasting and final cake tasting last week for our big day, and boy i cannot wait to stuff my face on that day. i actually had my seamstress not fit my wedding dress too fight, so i’d have room to eat as much as i want lol. it’s going to be next level delicious!

the last time that i wrote on here was for my daddy’s birthday, and i still haven’t posted any photos from cadaver ball! additionally, christopher and i went home to tampa for easter! all of my shortcomings will be rectified by the following photos to catch everyone up:


so, i finally sent out all of our wedding invitations! loved getting to show off my handwriting on fancy paper!


a few weeks later, christopher and i went to our second cadaver ball! where christopher was awarded the dean’s award for being sweet to me, and i wore my senior year prom dress. winning all around!


and then we took an adorable photograph! same place as last year!


for easter, christopher and i flew down to tampa to spend some time with these cuties (my parents!).


it was lovely and relaxing to just lay around all day, play in the ocean, and soak in some sarasota sunshine


and then last week i bought us tickets to the ragin cagun crawfish festival for my favorite louisiana born cutie


and a really pretty sunset over nashville!!

i hope everyone is loving their april!



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