our saturday!

19 Apr

hello everyone!

this saturday was so pleasant. especially because rain was in the forecast, but it didn’t rain a drop while we were outside. which is great because the shade tree trot (which raises money for the shade tree clinic in nashville, which provides free medical care for those with limited resources) was yesterday! last year it was pouring down rain, but this year we worked up a sweat, but no rain fell on our heads. this was christopher and i’s first official race we’ve run together, so that was super fun. here is a photo of us trying to take a jumping photo and me inadvertently blocking him out of the picture haha (also christopher designed the shirts and logo this (and last) year, i’m wearing his creation!)


after the race, we went and watched one of our friends own in a tennis match (she played at harvard when she was in undergrad) and then we went with some friends for fried chicken for lunch. we ate in the sun and took our time, and it was lovely.

later i dragged christopher to the cheekwood gardens since i had heard rumors of a tulip display! i went to high school in the netherlands so i have a love affair and obsession with tulips. unfortunately, although the festival is supposed to last another week, the tulips had already died. but, the weather was warm and dry and the grounds were still gorgeous and worth our time. christopher even was grateful we took the time to wander around nature!

IMG_0405 IMG_0408 IMG_0410

we found some of the remaining tulips! a little droopy, but still there :D

(you can’t tell but this dress’ pattern is that of a honeybee, so it was an appropriate outfit choice)


after walking around in the sun for a bit, we suck out a shady spot under a tree away from other guests, and took a nap in the sun in the grass. so rejuvenating! it was nice talking, unfettered by the noise of cars or that of an air conditioner, and we were able to reconnect after our long week. so lovely.


eventually we drove back to the west end and worked on a wedding project!


and then saturday night we had a rip roaring time at another of our friend’s places and had a game night while the rocket’s game played. so much fun! we played cards against humanity and also this one game which was a combination between telephone and pictionary. loved it.

i hope that everyone had a lovely saturday as well!



One Response to “our saturday!”

  1. Kimberly Cale April 20, 2015 at 5:28 am #

    What a perfect weekend! I love the photos and I love you! <3

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