what makes a woman?

10 Jun

dear readers,

i don’t have much to say today, but i have an article i really want to share. my bestie, kit, shared this article with me:

What Makes a Woman?

it was quite an eye opening article for me, because i had never thought of the intersection of feminism and being transgender-friendly in this way.

although i haven’t totally formed my opinion on this matter (i have a lot more reading to do), these are a few of my take aways:

– feminists have fought very hard so that women and girls don’t have to fit the messed up stereotypes that have plagued society for so long. when i grew up i knew that my career choices weren’t limited to secretary, school teacher, and stay at home wife. i knew that i could wear whatever i wanted to school – not just a skirt or dress. and i knew that i could be an independent woman that didn’t need no man! and to top that all off, i ended up joining the military – and am succeeding at it. so how should i feel after let’s say caitlyn jenner, comes out as a hyper sexualized and beautiful woman? i am so so happy that she is the person she feels she is, but it bothers me a little that her big coming out photo shoot was of this kind of stereotyped woman. is she forgetting about her olympic background and athletic prowess? her business making decisions?

– i also know that i love that we live in a world where people can be what they feel they are!

– i had no idea, until reading this article, that the pro-trans community considers vagina a hate and exclusionary term. what? i don’t think people stray about talking about legs around an amputee. the vagina monologues weren’t created to make the trans community sad. there are just certain things about being a woman and living as a woman that are unique to the experience.

– so i guess it comes down to how we define gender. i posed this question at work and was answered by my work partner in crime with “well aren’t you christian?” (i will write a blog another day about religion providing blind answers to issues without requiring any brain power// people assuming i’m christian. being a kind and loving person doesn’t mean i prescribe to a certain dogma) and i was like “is that an answer?”

so i will continue to research this new (to me) issue and hope to solidify my opinion. in the mean time, i think everyone should read this article and let me know what they think!

happy wednesday!



One Response to “what makes a woman?”

  1. Kimberly Cale June 11, 2015 at 6:22 am #

    Love this editorial! Think I’ll start reading more from Elinor Burkett. These issues are all complex and emotional and can not be put into a pretty little box. <3

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