begin again

18 Jun

dear everyone,

christopher and i are getting married in 9 days!! neither of us can believe it, but both of us are super excited. to begin our pre-wedding festivities, my little brother is flying in early on saturday so we can spend some family time together before everyone else arrives. because of all of this impending excitement, today and tomorrow will be my last chances to write a few of my thoughts unencumbered by entertaining.

so, it’s time to use taylor swift in order to reflect:

sometimes i forget about how good t-swifts older music is, since i’m still so obsessed with 1989. but i’ve posted a song off of red – begin again. i’ve always loved this song and it’s lyrics, but i hadn’t watched the music video until i decided to write this post. and it is set in paris! where christopher proposed to me! how perfect is that?

anyway. meeting christopher truly allowed me to begin my life again. the lyrics of this song ring true to how i was feeling when we met, and i will always thank him for drawing my true self out of the person i thought i needed to be. i also used to never wear high heels, i used to feel dumb for cracking jokes – and like taylor swift’s mystery man in the video, christopher laughs with such joy and holds doors open for me, and encourages my quirks and things that make me unique. he has been such a glowing part of my life for the past three years, and i cannot wait one moment to begin our forever together! we are better together!!

i love you bun!

as always, thanks for reading!



One Response to “begin again”

  1. Kimberly Cale June 19, 2015 at 5:22 am #

    And I am so so excited! <3 I love you!

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