a + c get married

6 Jul

hello everyone!!

CHRISTOPHER AND I ARE MARRIED!!!! it’s crazy to say and we still laugh each time we refer to each other as “husband” or “wife” and i don’t think we have totally comprehended that we live together now, but it’s so lovely waking up beside christopher and/or playing halo late into the night.

we returned from our honeymoon paradise to costa rica this weekend and now we are taking care of a few things before we head back to work at the end of this week. but what i really wanted to do before work life consumed my life again was to post some beautiful pictures from the wedding and also talk about a few of my favorite moments of the wedding week.

i am an incredibly lucky person. looking back on the wedding week i feel this incredible sense of sadness because it was just so much fun and so perfect and unreal. but i’ve already journaled in depth about it and have been blessed by wonderful friends who took up their phones and documented all of the moments which are now sitting safely on a group photostream full of these pictures which i now cherish. i am even more lucky that all of my bridesmaids were able to travel great distances just to be by my side on my wedding day! emma flew all the way from england (one of my closest friends from our time together at AFNORTH international high school in the netherlands) only to get stranded overnight in newark after her flight to me was cancelled due to crappy weather – and when she finally made it, her suitcase didn’t make it for another day. it was so special to see her, it had been like three years since our last adventure together! and christa (my first true lifelong friend after we met freshman year of highschool in carlisle, pa when we lived only two houses away from each other) flew all the way from greece and even brought her lovely boyfriend for his first american experience! kitty drove all the way from savannah, and devin and irene drove all the way from north carolina!! it was so special to have all of them in early to hang out and catch up with all our lives. we got our nails done and attended the beautiful bridal shower that my moms threw me and then the gorgeous rehearsal dinner the wallace’s hosted the day before the wedding. everything was dreamy and perfect and delicious. BUT this post would be ages long if i didn’t decide only to post pictures from the wedding. and i’m going to try to only post like ten pictures, but we will see how that goes haha since we have hundreds of beautiful ones.

ok, although we took much prettier photos later in the day, they’re all captured by my AMAZING photographer, so here is a picture before the wedding when we all had our nervous faces on!! i am so lucky to have such an amazing family – especially nick who flew up a week early to hang out with me and keep my stress level low, and my parents who orchestrated this amazing, AMAZING day. i love them so much and i’m the luckiest daughter in the world!


here is a joyful and action filled photo right after we exited the chapel with the bridal party and were all high five-ing and hugging. it was magical!


here, emma captured one of the big scale family photos that we were running through. my dream was for the magnolia blooms to hang on until the wedding day, since vanderbilt has such a gorgeous campus, and they did! here we see my side of the family who came to the wedding :)


after the family photos, our wonderful florist, trish (from violet floral designs!) gave me my flower crown!!! it was to die for and i was so sad to take it off at the end of the night. also, my dress was from BHLDN and was light light pink!


here is a photo of my bridesmaids and i with our crowns!!! we were so happy to be forest princesses together!!!


here’s a picture my mommy took of the table setting before everyone came and settled in. each place setting had a menu i had written (and my planner copied and mass produced) and a little muslin bag of chai tea (christopher and i began our relationship over shared tea!). chris and i hand painted the table numbers on little canvasses  and we brought in books for some of the center pieces due to christopher’s love of old books and reading! SO BEAUTIFUL!


and then christopher and i made our grand/rock & roll entrance to “na na na” by my chemical romance! we spent a lot of time head banging and fist bumping after our entrance – such a party!!


we then moved right into our first dance – “summertime” by my chemical romance. of course we sang along to our whole song :)


we totally struggled cutting our beautiful cake. but it was worth it, because of course juanita (of dulche desserts) baked the most amazing cake (with raspberry and chocolate ganache frosting on the inside) for us AND our bunny cake toppers (etsy lol). and she also baked a funfetti cake and nutella/chocolate chip cake to flank the main wedding cake! and to complete our dessert table we had banana pudding and pecan shortbread squares and lemon cupcakes! i was sad to not eat all of them, but they sure were pretty!!


we had a live band and a DJ so the night was pretty much consumed by dancing. here, i am taking a break at our sweet heart table haha, chris came over to tell me he loves me of course lol (yes, my handsome groom had a custom made purple tuxedo!)


here, my little brother came to visit us while we were eating dinner haha:


this is a little out of order, but here is a picture from my daddy and i’s dance. we danced to “butterfly kisses” by bob carlisle – which was a song we used to sing together on drives home from gymnastics practice back when i was 10.


another photo with my little bro :)


and a picture with my maid of honor, kit, and my beautiful mommy too!! i love them so much!


i am so so grateful that christopher and i’s wedding was what we dreamed of and more. never before have i been surrounded by so many people just radiating love and joy to us. we partied all day and shared our joy for each other with all of our closest family and friends. we were so lucky to be surrounded by amazing artists that made our vision come to life and family members who supported our strange ideas (bunnies on the cake! purple suit! pink dress! moscow mules for the toast! lemonade stand at the chapel! no matching bridal parties!) and love us no matter what. our wedding was natural and not pretentious and full of genuine happiness and we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

i’ll probably post more about the wedding in the future, since i’ll never be able to get that day out of my mind!!

thanks for the love!



One Response to “a + c get married”

  1. Kimberly Cale July 6, 2015 at 11:52 am #

    It is a day that we will remember with pure joy for the rest of our lives! We love you!

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