after one month of marriage

25 Jul

christopher and i will have been married for one whole month on monday!!! how vastly different my life is now, while at the same time being exactly the same. part of me wanted to share about our amazing honeymoon to costa rica, but i’d rather keep it close to my heart and (mostly) off of the internet – which has been very easy lately due to my continued vacation from facebook (i very highly recommend that to anyone/everyone). i posted a few photos on instagram, but that couldn’t be helped, costa rica is just so beautiful and i had to brag about learning to surf.

instead, today i want to share two of my least favorite things about being married:

1. people asking me when i’m changing my name
2. people asking me when i’m having children

to begin, my body and my name are my choices and frankly shouldn’t be the concern the mass public / many many men i work with. i can handle the name question, because it doesn’t concern my private parts/reproductive system which everyone suddenly finds very interesting making me feel very creeped out, but now the number of people asking me when i am changing my name makes me not want to change it at all.

(for those actually listening: i plan on changing my name after i finish my career in the army)

after discussing this issue with my mom she said that people might just be trying to make conversation. to that, I suggest some questions not loaded with me being dwindled down to a baby carrier/vessel or someone that doesn’t have 25 years worth of life/paperwork/career/networking riding on my name demanding to be changed at a moment’s notice. my personal decisions aren’t the fodder for other people’s curiosity. here are a few options of appropriate questions:

1. how was the wedding?
2. how do you like being married?
3. what was your favorite part of leave?
4. did the open bar work out well for you all?
5. what color were the flowers?

as long as the questions don’t circle around my personal choices or offend me as a woman/feminist, i will answer them. and now i will answer question number 2 “how do you like being married?”

i love it. i’ve spent a lot of time trying to really explain how exactly i feel and i think i’ve figured it out:

being married to christopher is no longer having to look far out into the future for a moment of happiness (probably a result of being long distance/not living together), because now i have my happiness with me every step of the way. he’s waiting for me at home after a long day at work with a hug and a kiss and his constant support brings me so much joy and hope for our life and future together!

yay! happy almost one month!

and here’s a sneak peek photo from our amazing photographer ariel!! can’t wait to see all of them at the end of next month :)


One Response to “after one month of marriage”

  1. Kimberly Cale July 25, 2015 at 11:29 am #

    I am just so excited for you and Chris! Your futures are so very bright and people will always be people, don’t let them get you down! <3 Your dad's cheering for you too!

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