behind the scenes from a + c best day ever

26 Jul

hi everyone!

of course i’ve been busy posting only the most beautiful pictures from christopher and i’s wedding day, but now i wanted to share some of my favorite behind the scenes photos that i didn’t deem instagram worthy for whatever reason.



the thursday before the wedding, all of us girls went to the nail bar in green hills to get our nails done/drink lots of champagne. it was wonderful!


after our time at the nail salon, christopher and i had arranged a night at pinewood social for our bridal and groomal parties to get acquainted and hang out and become best friends. that way at the wedding and reception we could party without awkwardness or anything. (highly recommend a friendship hang out before everyone’s weddings!) so here we have emma modeling her frilly socks (one of our inside jokes) in the bowling alley.


friday morning my moms threw me a beautiful bridal shower at fido with all of my lady family members! here we have an eiffel tower made out of macarons – a shout out to christopher and i’s paris engagement!


at our wedding rehearsal at the benton chapel!!! incase anyone was curious about the inside of the chapel before the professional photos come out!


at our rehearsal dinner, christopher’s parents had set up an adorable table with photos of us! beautiful!


a photo of my beautiful bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner!! so so proud and happy and in love that all of us were together for that wonderful weekend :)


a pre-wedding selfie when we were waiting for the ceremony to start!! beauties!


a shot of our awesome lemonade table outside of the chapel! we wanted there to be somewhere for our guests to hang out and mingle before they had to sit and be quiet in the chapel. turned out excellently!


a photo of when my mom saved the day!! my dress was SUPER staticky, and mom came to the rescue by spraying static guard under every layer of my dress. it didn’t stick the whole night!


daddy’s purple socks and various tie accessories :)

IMG_0926 (1)

taking a break during one of our photo shoots lol


emma being incredibly resourceful – she brought a sewing kit and sewed a jewel back onto her shoe before we started the ceremony haha


having a drink before the ceremony haha also, a photo of my golden french manicure!


bartender/maid of honor kit mixing us up drinks of chambord and blood orange lemonade haha drinking at church is the best


a picture of one of my bridesmaid’s boquets and my family and grandparents! also, the handkerchiefs belonged to my grandfather’s grandma!


a photo of us feeding each other cake at marathon music works :)

ok! i think this will be my last wedding post for a little while, it’s been a month and it’s time to focus on worldly issues!



One Response to “behind the scenes from a + c best day ever”

  1. Kimberly Cale July 27, 2015 at 6:22 am #

    Love these photos! My favorite is the pre-wedding selfie of the ladies! <3

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