why #myreallife

2 Aug

hi everyone!

so, as is representative of my life, i have started a small one-woman rebellion against the norm.

this time, it is against what i have perceived as the norm on instagram. granted, i hate to generalize, it is something i have noticed on mostly only women’s instagram accounts. but either way, i have begun to notice that some people (both people i follow and those that i stumble upon while exploring into the depths of instagram) seem to be trying to portray a life that isn’t representative of what their life truly is. this is easy to see with people you’re actually friends with in real life (since you know what their life is actually comprised of), but it isn’t easy to see with these social media queens and kings that have the “perfectly curated” instagram feed. perfect makeup in every photo, beautiful flower arrangements and workout clothes and foods and fashion and muscles and travels and everything. it starts to make you feel like your actual life is insignificant and nothing compared to this “perfect” life you’re peeking in on.

but the thing that i think we all fail to remember is that on social media you can choose what photos to share. so although we see this perfect person, they are only showing us these perfect pieces of their life, which could very well be staged or gussied up for the photo.

so – my small rebellion on instagram is through #myreallife. i’ve started to post photos that better give a full representation of my life. because i might as well be proud of it and share, since it is my life and i want to do all parts of it justice. even the non glamorous ones :)

so here’s to being honest to ourselves!



(here’s a photo my christopher snapped of me tonight – unbeknownst to me – while i was avoiding playing another round of horse since i was afraid i’d lose again… eventually i returned to the court only to be beat again haha)


One Response to “why #myreallife”

  1. Kimberly Cale August 3, 2015 at 5:17 am #

    What a beautiful photo! Swinging with joy! I love you!

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